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  1. S

    Question Aux headset isn't being recognized

    Hello. I have a x99 g1 gaming wifi motherboard and for some reason it's not recognizing that i have a headset plugged in-neither front ports, nor the back ones are recognizing it. The pc is only recognizing my monitor as an output device and when i connect my headset to the monitor i can hear...
  2. AlanAntonyX

    Question What is the possible reason?

    Ok so i did lot of research and i need an expert advice on my conclusion. Case:1 I use my fiber ONT connection and login into a game (COD MW), I see that my Internal IP uses the port 3074 and my external ip address uses the port 12001. NAT Type:-Strict. (external IP changes after rebooting...
  3. J

    Question Is a Display Port GPU with HDMI Monitor OK?

    I am planning on buying an RTX 2070 Super, of which has three Display ports and one HDMI port. I use two monitors which both only have HDMI ports... Is it ok to use a convertor of some sort to use one of the Displayports to HDMI? Will this effect performance at all? Thank you in advance!
  4. M


    i have been trying port forwarding but whatever i do on my router it doesn't work.In settings of router( it seems normal but when i check it on a website it says it's closed.I try it on metasploit anyway but it still doesn't working helpppp
  5. L

    Question New router is blocking my ports

    Hi, so i just got a brand new router and I had no issues with ports being open on my last router. However it frequently dropped so we got a new one. However, this new router restricts me from connecting to other people on a transversal server through the emulator dolphin. I went even further and...
  6. A

    Question Only one out of three HDMI ports on 1050ti is working - HELP!

    I have a Gigabyte 1050 ti that has 3 HDMI ports and 1 display port. I have connected my display and GPU with an HDMI cable. The problem is that when I connect the cable into any other HDMI port, other then the one that is already in use, on the GPU there is no output. Please note that I am...
  7. Chrixy

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding

    Hello, So I need some help here to open some network ports. I have a Netgear Router connected to my ISP's Modem, and I am trying to open the port 32400 so my Plex Server will work properly. I have some problems with that. I have opened the port on my Netgear Router (so I know that it is open...
  8. A

    Question Dual monitoring problem

    Hello i want to connect a second monitor but gpu RTX2080 ,my CPU ryzen 2700x doesn't have integrated graphics. The second monitor is an old one and has only vga port but i have a vga to hdmi cable adapter the problem is i dont have a second hdmi nor vga port on my GPU Is there a way to connect...
  9. alexsantini_

    Question I can't open ports / port forward, DMZ not working

    Port forward is simply not working. Only ports 80 and 22 are "working". DMZ does nothing. I called my ISP and they told me I'm not in CGNAT. My public IP is starting with 188.xxx... There are my ipconfig/all and ports: View: https://imgur.com/a/fGwGanH Please help me! :(
  10. PsychicShadow

    Question portforwarding wont work at all

    so im trying to run a minecraft server. everything is running smoothly until i had to port forward. i know how to port forward did it multiple times before succesfully. but now it just wont i have 3 routers (one of them modem router combo, the other 2 archer c1200)the archer c1200's are...
  11. G

    [SOLVED] Can I connect an old monitor to a new GPU?

    Ok so I am building a gaming pc and I already have an old monitor. The monitor outputs are VGA and DVI-I. I am planning on buying an rx570, rx580 or gtx1660ti for the gpu. The gpu's as far as I know have HDMI, displayports and DVI-D display outputs. Is it possible to use that monitor with an...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Is my USB thumb drive fried?

    My wife recently plugged a working SanDisk 128Gb thumb drive into the USB port of her Camry. The car did not recognize the drive and the drive became very warm to the touch. After a couple of minutes she removed the drive. We brought the drive inside, plugged it into the computer and this is...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Driver Connection Problems

    Hi. So here's the situation. My previous rig contained the following: Motherboard: Asus B85M-G i5-4460 GTX 750TI Windows 7 Home Premium RAM: Corsair 16GB 1600mHz And I upgraded it with my roomates parts he didn't need anymore which is: Motherboard: Asus Z170 PRO GAMING i5-6600k GTX 1070 RAM...
  14. uzi314

    [SOLVED] 4 cables from different routers of 4 Networks in one PC?

    Hello guys: I wanna use 4 Networks from different ISPs but I have only one ethernet port in my pc and the mobo also doesn't have extra PCIe slots for connecting 4 Port Ethernet PCIe Card/adapter so can I use something like LAN Port Splitter but will I also get more adapters in Change Adapter...
  15. S

    Question Portforwarding on a HG2844H Huawei Router

    Good day Sir/Mdm, Been having trouble port forwarding on the above-said router. Guides online that I've seen are with regards to the HG2845H Router, which seems to be alot more user-friendly than mine Anyone has any advice on how to port forward? Thank you! View: https://imgur.com/oXFzEJO
  16. Question Need help with network setup to connect to VPN server

    Hi, So I've been instructed to connect to a VPN server that a colleague has set up, he gave me an IP and Port and which Protocol to use (UDP) that i should open as outbound connection in the firewall. The idea is that a Linux controller and a PC is communicating with each other in a private...
  17. K

    Question Port closed

    So i wanted to start a minecraft server with my friend and after port forwarding his were still closed ,In upnp setting everything is turned on , we added ports to the firewall (25565 tcp and udp) we dont know what to do and i cant find the answer in internet
  18. H

    Question HDMI port not working

    Yesterday, I got a VR system. I tried plugging the HDMI cable into my pc, but I got no connection. I then plugged into the HDMI port that my monitor was using and it worked. My monitor at the moment is using the only working HDMI port. The port that is working is on my GPU and the port that...
  19. Seagod

    Question Port Forwarding not working

    Hello Guys, As stated in the title then i'm having trouble with port forwards. I have setup the rule in my router and my router company support cleared that the port forward was setup correctly. My Default Gateway Ip is and the pc i'm trying to port forward to is
  20. F

    Question Plagued with USB problems

    Hi, This is a fairly long problem so the following may seem a bit disjointed but try to bare with me. My computer is connected to my television and I sit on a sofa rather than at a desk, because of this I use a USB hub to connect my devices and have it next to the sofa. In total I have 4 USB...