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  1. StupidComputers

    Question USB/Portable SSD for huge video files: Speed/Heat issues

    I'm having a very difficult time finding info on the best media for my needs: Transferring 50-100GB video files regularly. I have a cheap sandisk USB , halfway decent write speeds for about 10 seconds then drop 20MB/s and gets crazy hot. I recent bought a Verbatim vx500: Much better...
  2. Y

    Game keeping lagging/stuttering, help?

    I just recently purchased a PC and as a test I downloaded Fortnite (Don't judge just at test and it's free) and for the first day it ran perfectly without any problems. following day I jump back on with some friends and notice lag/stuttering every 5-10 seconds, I tried downloading my driver for...
  3. D

    Maximum pre rendered frame

    Hi I just recently found this setting in nvidia control panel just wondering does setting this to 1 will lower cpu usage gtx 1060 , i3 3220
  4. P

    Samsung js7000 tv nakamichi mk12 no audio?

    I'm trying to hook up a Nakamichi Nk12 sound bar to a Samsung js7000 tv via the ARC hdmi cable. The tv communicates to the SB somewhat (more later) because when I turn on the tv the tv goes to HDMI mode, the SB switches on and goes into "TV" mode and the volume controls work. However no sound...
  5. H

    No performance boost after upgrade

    So i had GTX 750 ti and got 120 fps in cs go for example and i upgraded the GPU to GTX 970 and the performance did not increase a single ---- :D Could it be the drivers? at least in their website its the same driver i think.. i am not sure though. I need help. EDIT: I have the same CPU which is...
  6. M

    - Pls Review Before Purchase

    Once more, pls. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/XFmvXL Motherboard may be uneccessarily overkill.
  7. P

    Want to reinstall windows, have multiple hard drives.

    Hi, I want to reinstall windows on my SSD drive. The drive is almost exclusively for windows. My worry is, I have most of my programs and content installed on two other HDDs. Will I have to reinstall all the programs too, or since they are on different hard drives to the SSD, it doesn't...
  8. Prateek Bhardwaj

    Powercolor Radeon HD 7770 Not Working on Asrock G41M-VS3 Motherboard

    Hey guys, A friend of mine bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 Card last Month and tried it in my Rig and It worked just fine. This month my brother bought the same card but he couldn't get the sapphire one so he got Powercolor. But It's not working on my PC. I have a 450W Generic PSU. Tried...