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    Question How do I set up two monitors, two keyboards and two mice in two different rooms to work with one computer?

    I live in a three story townhome. I would like to be able to access my computer from the 3rd floor room and from a room on the 1st floor. I will be the only one using the computer. So basically, I am hoping there is a gadget that allows me to have only a monitor, keyboard and mouse on one of...
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    Question Asus N3050I-C sata expansion card

    i have a Asus N3050I-C Mini Itx setup but the sata inputs arent enough so i bought a sata expansion card. But for some reason the drive that is linked to the card is not picking up. I thought it could be kodi but the drive isnt even showing in the BIOS i already updated the bios but i cant seem...
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    Question is my old PSU good for new AM4 build

    Hi I have few years old PSU - Cooler Master GX 650W working fine in my old computer I want to build new system - MSI AM4 motherboard, Ryzen 5 2600 CPU, Radeon RX 570 GPU all connectors looks ok when I check, but not sure if there were some changes in PSU's standards, GX 650W is discontinued...
  4. Question Help with recommendation for NVMe drive please

    Hi - I have to admit that I'm confused about these drives, in a previous thread I posted I realised that I bought the wrong type of drive (I bought a Samsung SSD 860 EVO m.2 1Tb instead of its' NVMe equivalent). Subsequently, I don't have the speed from it which I expected. I have been reading...
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    Question Expensive headphones hurt my head when I turn 7.1 surround off

    Hey guys! I have a pail of cloud revolver s's from hyperx which are like 150$. they have 7.1 surround and whenever i turn 7.1 off which I need to in games as it's not real surround and messes with audio. when i do, in like 10 minutes my head starts hurting and im really confused. pls helpp
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    Slow fios wired download speed

    I have fios gigabit but wire connections are 100mbps download. I have used fios Speedtest site with my PC connected directly to the fios router. A fios tech was out here and plugged his tablet into the router and was able to get full speeds. The fios speed from fios to the router are what it...
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    Samsung monitor flash on and off randomly

    Just built a new PC and connected it to a Samsung 28" UE590 UHD Monitor. The monitor came with an HDMI and a Displayport cable. When I connect the monitor to my graphics card with HDMI the monitor will go black and after a second it will turn back on. A HDMI sign is displayed on the top right...
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    hp notebook - 15-bs542tu has removable graphic card

    Can i add graphic card in hp notebook - 15-bs542tu
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    Is my ssd having hardware faulty?

    Hi, guys. Thanks for your time reading this. So, I just bought this Kingston A400 ssd (480 gb) to replace my current OS hdd drive like 2 weeks ago. btw, I am using gigabyte H61m-s1 with sata 2.0 port. From then on, my pc is experiencing freezing and lockup for up to 7 to 12 s. This lockup...
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    New build showing b7 system initializing Q- error 67

    I have built a server for my personal use. Unfortunately i can't run it. System details: CPU : Intel Xeon OEM version E5 2673V4 CPU SR2KE 20-cores RAM : Samsung Memory M386A4G40DM0-CPB 32GB DDR4 2133 LRDIMM 1.2V Bare MOBO: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z10PED16_WS/specifications/ PSU...
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    GT 630M is not removable and can't be unplugged

    hello, been running into trouble recently with my Acer 5755g's detecated graphics card GT 630m, whenever i start a game's campagin or a multiplayer match, i get the error " GT 630M is not removable and can't be unplugged or ejected" and my PC freezes after about 10 seconds. I sent it to a...
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    Sudden Low Fps On A High End PC - GTA 5

    I was playing gta v cracked for almost a year now. Had no problems with the fps and stayed at a stable 70/80 fps on very high. I decided to buy the official steam version of the game as I wanted to play the game with my friends and didn't like playing a pirated game. I installed the game, hoping...
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    GPS Trackering devices

    Need advice about how to track sim card in my bicycle tracking device. Which android apps are compatible?
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    New build kit won't turn on.

    I have a build kit from NewEgg using the Asus prime B350M-A mother board, and an AMD Ryzen FM4 CPU. When I plug in my ps, the mobo's LEDs turn on but when I push the power button on my tower nothing happens. I have checked all my contions they are all set up right and sold in place, but it won't...
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    Laptop wont turn on after charger wires spark.

    I have an Asus X501NA that won't turn on. Its charger's cord was cut due to my mistake. So I made an attempt on repairing it since it only has 2 wires with different colors. After reconnecting the wires my laptop was charging with no problem, but after placing the laptop on the desk the 2 wires...
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    Can't boot, use safe mode or auto repair.

    Hello, I have a windows 10 PC that is unable to boot or use the auto repair as it stays on a black screen forever. I'm desperate at this and I'm willing to do anything I can to get it working. Normally I would use safe mode but windows 10 disabled it at boot and now I don't know what to do.
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    Not installing drivers for unused devices

    My motherboard GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 has a LAN device called Qualcomm Atheros Killer E2201 LAN chip and I don't use this since I'm using Wi-Fi for networking. So is it ok if I didn't install drivers for this device?
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    Faulty RAM sockets (1 at each channel)

    So, i've bumped into some problems while trying to boot and after some tests i've found out that my motherboard have 2 faulty adjacent ram sockets (i can boot with one ram at a time on the working sockets normally). I've read that the sticks are supposed to be used on the same channel, but can i...
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    Audio balance (left/right) is wrong everytime!

    So every time I boot up windows, I have to go to audio settings etc, to re-calibrate my audio balance because every time the left channel is 10% lower than the right! I don't know what's wrong! Can someone help?