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  1. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] Portable system ?

    Hi, My question is something strange but at same time could be worthy. If I create a portable ssd with all my system(os and apps) in it could I have basicly my desktop pc wherever I go? Example, I have my pc at home where I live 90% of the time and another pc in another home for vacation or also...
  2. [SOLVED] WD ELEMENTS - Critical Error

    Good day to all!! Device: WD ELEMENTS - WDBU6Y0020BBK History: I was making a backup of a work notebook. No previous problems, no warnings. I can remember releasing safely the device but at one point the disk got pulled by a mistake by its cable and it ended up at 45º. The disk didn't do any...
  3. Rizvee

    [SOLVED] Portable SSD recommendation ?

    I was looking for a 240GB portable ssd & I've found 4 that fits into my budget. 01. Netac NT01Z - 250GB 02. PNY Elite - 240GB 03. Adata SD600Q - 240GB 04. Transcend ESD230C - 240GB Can anyone tell me which one is better ?
  4. eibelbilly

    [SOLVED] Best portable moniter for gaming under 250ish ?

    I'm looking for a portable moniter probably under 20-inch to try and fit into a bag with my setup, anyone have recommendations on what to buy ? * must be 75hz or higher* if no one can find one I'll buy a keyboard
  5. Lunarwolf921

    Question Whats the best portable gaming monitor for my PS5 ?

    I travel a lot so I'm looking for extremely good portable gaming monitor for my ps5
  6. S

    [SOLVED] A build guide for my friend. He has a budget of around 700 USD and would like to build a portable gaming setup to run decent games in 1080p

    He would like to build a Micro ATX portable gaming setup that can run comparatively newer titles at medium to high settings at 1080p for 30-45 fps What are the list of parts that he can make use of (preferably AMD)
  7. Q

    Question Portable SSD is slowing down Computer

    I recently bought a PNY Elite 480GB Portable SSD (https://www.amazon.com/PNY-Elite-480GB-Portable-Solid/dp/B01GQPXB3U?th=1) and was using it as a drive to download files onto temporarily to extract to my main internal storage drive. While it was writing and extracting, I noticed when I try to...
  8. UTO389

    [SOLVED] Mini desktops that can run lightroom/photoshop and rimworld

    Hello, I'm looking for a small pc that I can carry on a plane that can run photo editing software and rimworld, a game that only utilizes a single core. I don't game other than that so no gpu card is preferrable but an external gpu port is welcome. Thank you
  9. E

    New working/programming/school laptop

    Hi please can you help me choose new laptop? I need it for programming, school and work, so main requirements are good cpu, ram and fast hard drive. 1. What is your budget? maximum around 800€ 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14-15.6 3. What screen resolution do...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Docking Station for Portable USB HDD

    Hi All, I have many external Portable USB HDD, from Seagate, WD, etc. They are mostly USB 2.0, and some USB 3.0. Every time I need to use any of them, after remembering what is stored in which portable HDD, I need to plug them into a USB port in my machine to access them. Is there any...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Win2go (not enterprise) upgradable ?

    Hello, If I create a Win 2 Go external USB HDD or USB stick with Win10 Home or Pro , is it possible to upgrade to the next Win10 Build when it appears through Windows Update ? Or is this not enterprise Win2go sticking to the build with which it was created, or maybe not compatible with future...
  12. H

    Question Changing the Front Panel Port's Output

    Hello, I have some left over parts from my last build and I would like some help. I have this front panel port system with USB and Audio slots, but I would like to turn it portable. Would it be possible to engineer together the wiring and turn it into like a Port-to-USB block where I could...
  13. M

    How To Bootable External NVME M.2 (Yep! It's a Thing!!!)

    For those of you seeking a way to have your NVME M.2 portable. Couldn't find instructions anywhere (been looking for years) so I thought I'd provide them. These instructions are for those of you that do not need Step By Step instructions (I'll provide those at a later date (unless someone else...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] External drive - Samsung M2 Portable - nowhere to be seen

    Hello, my problem looks rather serious. I'm somewhat keen on the software side of things, but not really knowledgeable about hardware. I would really appreciate the help, since there's lot of useful data on this drive. The drive in question is Samsung M2 Portable, 750 GB, external obviously. An...
  15. TheMitjaX

    [SOLVED] My portable keyboard doesn't obey me anymore I need help

    So I have this portable keyboard (my laptop had the "a" key broken years ago and I have been using the portable keyboard since then). Anyway there seemed to be no problems besides the occasional lctrl got stuck but nothing bigger. Anyway once before I had this issue where I pressed the delete...
  16. N

    Question Installing steam games and programs on a portable hard drive(or alternative)?

    Please let me know if this is the wrong spot for this thread. So at home i have terrible internet but I have lots of games I would like to install but it takes such a long time and slows my WiFi down a ton. I'm wondering if it's possible to buy some kind of portable hard drive where I can go to...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] 1400$ Portable PC Build (Looking for Recommendations)

    Looking to build a portable gaming PC since I am heading to University in fall. I have a budget of 1400$. Any recommendations or insight? I don't need a mouse, keyboard, or monitor. Games I would likely be playing on the build: Hearts of Iron IV Europa Universalis IV Imperator Rome Overwatch...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Chipset in a laptop

    I recently came upon the tech specs for a laptop I am highly considering purchasing, the following is listed: Chipset: 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9700K (8-Core, 12MB Cache, up to 4.9GHz w/ Turbo Boost) Mobile Intel® HM370 Chipset My question is, is the i7-9700 compatible with the HM370...
  19. A

    Slightly better replacement for ATI HD5770

    Hello everyone, I have this pc for almost 10 years, and it ran with an ATI HD 5770 MSI variant since. Recently that graphic card stopped working and I started to look for a replacement, and that's where I would appreciate some help. I intend to just replace the graphics card in order to keep...
  20. A

    Cpu watercooling wire not working

    All of a sudden my Cpu watwrcooling stopped working resulting in 100°C cpu cores. I switched the wires around and it worked all throughout the evening. Later the next day the problem started again. Tried switching them around and not working. Is it my powersupply, motherboard, cooler or...
  21. S

    HD 7750 not working when I install the latest AMD drivers! Please Help

    I recently got an hd 7750 from my brother. The gpu works when plugged in but its in the enlarged bad resolution because I cannot install the latest amd drivers. I have used Guru 3D Display Driver Uninstaller to remove all intel & amd drivers but the moment I install the drivers needed for the hd...
  22. C

    My GPU is not using 100%

    I'm trying to play GTA V but I sometimes get frame drops so downloaded HWMonitor to look at all the numbers. I found that when I experience the frame drops my GPU usage goes from about 85-98% to 45-52%. I turned all the power settings to performance in the nvidia control panel and in windows...
  23. M

    Weird router issue: ipv6 problem??

    Bought a new Linksys WRT1200AC router, and encountered an EXTREMELY weird problem where I can NOT get to some web sites! I can get to Google, Yahoo, Facebook I can NOT get to Linksys, Amazon, Speedtest, Frys The Linksys has Ping and Trace Route capability: pinging Amazon would give...
  24. G

    Cooling internal fan grinding noise

    Hi everyone. I know that this question has been asked probably a million times. However, I'm wondering about a solution I didn't read anywhere (that's why I think it is not a good idea to try it...) So, the thing is I had to replace the internal fan of my laptop (an HP Pavilion dv6, 5 years...
  25. D

    What GPU should I get to stop my CPU from being bottlenecked

    I currently have an I7 4770 and a gtx 750 TI. I ran some tests and realized that I need a new GPU and realized that it is bottlenecking my 4770. I want to get one of the higher end GPUs. I was looking at getting the GTX 1070 because it is really good and I can afford it. I just don't want to buy...
  26. T

    budget pc build

    i'm looking to build a pc, but i'm not sure about my hardware. is it better to go with a : intel core i3 6100 + RX 460 2GB or a: amd athlon x4 860k + GTX 950 2gb? thanks,
  27. W

    Looking for a sleek PC Case!

    Hey there beautiful, I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive case (around the £50 and under mark) to fit a an ATX motherboard and a GTX 770 Lightning (its a bit longer - innit). I really don't want a flashy case, just a minimalistic sleek one if possible. If you actually see my past threads I...
  28. K

    Phone internet won't work

    Hello, My new phone wouldn't connect to my home Wi-Fi. So i googled it, and id said go for static ip adress( did this after the usual stuff like restart and all) And then it did connect to my Wi-Fi network, but it did not give me internet access. I have no idea what to do now.. When i log in to...
  29. B

    Need advice for an Arma 3 build

    Hey all. Been away from pc gaming for about 5 years and have never built my own, so need all the help I can get. I'm primarily interested in Arma 3 and need to stay under $1000. I know there have been other builds recommended but I didn't see any recent ones. I don't need monitor, keyboards, or...
  30. R

    cpu does'nt turns on

    Hello, I have bought my PC 2 years back Processor AMD athelon II motherboard Biostar RAM 2 GB when I turn on my PC everything light,fans,CD drive turns on except processor I have tried a lot seeing other forums Cleaned the CPU Cleaned the RAM with rubber and tried putting it in another slot...
  31. A

    Compatibility with my components

    Hello guys. I've been doing a mass research about components and I am building a 550-600€ rig. Here are the parts I've already picked: CPU: Intel Core i3 4160 @ 3.6GHz CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo GPU: Asus GeForce GTX750 TI OC 2GB GDDR5 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4096MB (8GB) DDR3...
  32. B

    with 8GB and 1T what should my paging size be

    what should I set for my paging size and virtual memory. No one seems to have the answer to this even with all the PC geeks out there.
  33. J

    Is signal on motherboard preventing powerup?

    Gateway decktop PC, would not power up at all. After some troubleshooting I cut the green wire to the 24 pin power supply connector and added a switch to ground, and between using that and the power switch I am able to start up/shut down the PC, and everything works fine. But, if I unplug the...
  34. A

    can i play arma 3? i have amd fx 6100.

    ive been reading alot of reviews about amd procs having problems (particularly on game's FPS) when playing arma 3.. just want to know if my rig can handle the game before i buy it. My pc specs are as follows: CPU: AMD fx 6100 GPU: GeForce GTX 960 RAM: 12GB MOBO: MSI 760gm-p23(FX) (MS-7641)...
  35. A

    PC keeps restarting

    HEY GUYS! There's this thing that came up recently with my PC. Once I would turn it on, it'd run for a couple of seconds and then shut off, and then it'd turn on again and it would keep going on and on without any progress to boot up. I thought of two things at first probably a failing 5yr old...
  36. T

    Overclocking. Second GPU sits at 50% usage.

    Hey, Today I decided to see what my GPU's in SLI are capable of. I overclocked as much as possible until crash, then I raised Power Limit in EVGA Precision X to 103%. Then I overclockd by 10 core clock. Worked fine. Then I overclocked by another 10. (Total 1100 overclock). I run Heaven...
  37. L

    Question about the Microcenter replacement plan

    I bought all the parts there except for windows with a 2 year replacement part on all the parts that allows it. My friend spoke to the workers there and told me in about 2 years, he can help me bring in all the parts thats under the 2 year plan to mircocenter and get my money back for them and...
  38. itspriyank

    Help me selecting new gaming mice

    Hi I was using CM Storm Recon from almost two years and recently it started giving problems like delayed clicks, not detecting double clicks and sometimes random movement. So i sent it back to company and they are giving me an option of getting CM Storm Mizar or CM Storm Alcor as free...
  39. S

    headset with mic not working at the same time in pc

    bought a portable headset with mic 3.5m jack...both are working mic and headphone...problem is they wont work at the same time... realtek audio detects one a time..i cant enable both mic and headphone on since i only have one jack.. read some comments and most solutions is that I should buy this...
  40. K

    I have home network with two different external IP adresses

    I live in an apartment with 5 built-in-wall LAN sockets spread across the whole apartment. My PC is directly plugged into one socket while in another socket I have TP-WR940N router with few wireless devices connected to it (smartphones, laptop, tablet, TV). Problem is that my PC's external IP...