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  1. Bloodshot_pico

    Question Unreachable Port

    I've been trying to setup a game server for the past few days using the port 25565, as many of you may know it's Minecraft. However when I run the server on the port 25565 I'm unable to connect to it. I'm using Ubuntu for my hosting machine, and I've triple checked my ufw rules for ports. I've...
  2. TheFlyingRay

    Question New CPU causing ports to not work?

    I got an upgrade from my ryzen 5 2600x to a ryzen 5600x today. However, once I had put the new CPU into my motherboard, none of my ports on the side of my computer worked(Most notably my USB and HDMI). Any help would be extremely appreciated! Things I have tried: Testing each ram stick Tested...
  3. C

    Question How or what to look for monitor that allows for switching ports via keyboard/mouse?

    I'm looking for monitors that have the capability to switch between different ports via keyboard/mouse. At the moment, I'm looking at Dell monitors but it's not limited to Dell brand only. I like to know what to look for when shopping for monitors with this capability. Thank you.
  4. auerbachvoltz

    [SOLVED] Using External Monitor Ports Instead of Laptops

    Hello, I bought a Omen 27i which I have connected to my laptop via DP to USB-C. However, in order to connect any port-related devices such as a mouse, flash drive, headphones, keyboard, I need to connect them to my laptop in order to be recognized by my monitor. Is there a way to use my...
  5. BlueGuyTTV

    [SOLVED] I think i port forwarded the port 25565 so i can run the MC server, but when testing it says its closed. What do i do ?

    Hi, i have been dealing with a problem lately. I have got myself a TP-LINK Archer C80 and i bought it beacuse the settings seemed easy. They are, but not working? Let me show you my NAT port forward settings: Service name : HTTP IPv4 ADDRESS : External port: 25565 Internal port ...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Windows Defender firewall advanced settings

    Hello! In Windows Defender firewall advanced settings 1. Is inbound and outbound rules the same as ports? 2. The programs with the green button / activated, are they blocked or allowed by the firewall? Thanks in advance for replying Best regards
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Dell E5470: What is this port right here?

    I've got a Dell Latitude E5470. Can you please help me identify this port from the E5470s motherboard? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
  8. Question External SSD cable/connector help

    I have an external SSD and when plugging in the power cord and USB the light powers on but it doesn’t show up on my computer. Tried connecting it to several windows computers and Mac computers. I’d like to try connecting it a different way and not sure which cables to get. The port looks like...
  9. JohnSchwanz

    Question All Ports randomly stop working?

    Every single button/port on my pc stopped working at once. All USB ports, Display ports and the power button as well as LAN. Help!
  10. Adam B

    [SOLVED] Port Forwarding - Modem / Router not playing nice, or am I missing something?

    Hello! I'm trying to use my computer to host a centralized version control server for a team coding project, and so far everything is seemingly set up correctly in terms of the server, and the client sides -- except that the TCP connection fails due to an issue with my port 1666, which the...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Does this data transfer workflow on my Dell XPS 15 laptop seem logical? Need advice.

    I posted this in another forum just now so forgive me if you've seen this elsewhere but I'm in a bit of a predicament and need all the help I can get. So I recently got signed onto a gig doing data wrangling on a film shoot. I am working on a Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop which has 1 USB C...
  12. [SOLVED] Zhone Router - I cant open ports for a Minecraft server

    Problem for open ports Hi, im new in this forum I need help from someone who can tell me why my router does not open ports, I have tried everything literally, I'm going to put a couple of photos below so you can see what happen: I will also leave some pictures of my router: I hope you...
  13. velocci

    [SOLVED] wifi extender with network ports

    Hi all, i'm looking at this netgear EX7700 wifi extender that has 2 network ports. would I be able to plug this netgear extender to one of my network ports leading to my router and have all devices connected to this extender communicate with the main wifi router through the wired connection...
  14. velocci

    [SOLVED] wireless router with wifi-6 and 10Gbps ports

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a good wifi-6 router with 10Gbps ports?
  15. K


    Ok, SO my NAT was moderate for my COD:MODERN WARFARE so I opened it by opening the TCP and UDP ports. But since I have opened it my in game latency are going much higher that before. I know it sound strange but yes this is happening with me. I was good at Moderate NAT. Now I tried deleting all...
  16. moonyman213

    [SOLVED] Setting up a static ip.

    Howdy. I have a strange issue with setting up a static IP. I've managed to do it. However, I'm losing internet access (parcially). Strangely, I still can use TeamSpeak, but neither of my internet browsers are letting me reach a site. My final objective is to open ports. Since I don't have...
  17. K

    Question Help very strange port problems

    I have been having problems for the past couple of months its strange. Basically I have internet and its fast but when i go to speedtest.net and click check its start and loading identifies a server connects to it shows me ping but when it commes to download it says error. Wasnt really a...
  18. T

    Question Can't use USB device on my motherboard when booting from an USB

    I've just built my PC. I can get into SETUP and everything seems to be working fine. I can boot the installation (I tried both 7 and 10) but I cannot use my mouse or keyboard. Basically, the Windows installation media can't detect keyboard and mouse (these worked fine in SETUP). I tried both...
  19. S

    Question ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Front Panel Options

    I'm choosing parts for a new build. It's been 5 years since my previous and only build. I am leaning toward a Ryzen 9 3900X or possibly a step down from that on the ROG Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi motherboard. One major reason is the number of ports on the rear panel, and the specs are specific...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] Graphics card ports too close to the case slot?

    Hi, I have a problem with a graphics card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060. I installed it in a new case and it turned out that all the ports are very close to the case slot. When I plug in e.g. an HDMI cable or a DisplayPort cable the plug of the cable will touch the metal of the case. Here is a...
  21. A

    Question Most USB ports not working, Need help quick!

    So after a new hard drive installation after my old one failed, It seems that all of my Usb ports except the front two or not working I have tried updating the Usb Hub, Turning of Power saver mode for them, Updated drivers by windows, Driver booster 7 and Driver easy with no result. In terms of...
  22. T

    [SOLVED] I need help with semi modular power supply

    I bought new pc and i planning to building it tomorrow my psu is semi modular Corsair TX550M ,but i'm not sure yet in which of those psu modular cable ports i need to plug sata and pci-e cables
  23. F

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to get more than 60fps

    Hey guys, I have a question is it possible to achieve more than 60 fps , the problem is I have a monitor with HDMI 1,4 DP nativ 1440p and I have gpu that only have HDMI 2.0 . Is it possible by going from 2.0 to DP or something like that to get more than 60 FPS on 1440p sure I know I can go with...
  24. B

    Question None of the ports are working after installing a new psu

    Hi all, Recently I replaced my PSU, and now none of my ports on the PC work. I made sure to connect all the cables back how they were before but it seems that I am missing something here. All the components seem to be working after powering on the PC. The motherboard and graphics card lights...
  25. J

    [SOLVED] None of the USB 2.0 Ports on my desktop's Motherboard work. USB 3.0 WORKS! Any ideas what to do?

    (Scroll down for Tl;DR) Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Rev 1.2 (with a 3rd Gen Core i5 3470) about two years old. But out of warranty cuz i was only given an year of warranty for it. It was bought as a replacement for the same model of motherboard (Former was a Rev 1.1) since my...
  26. oxidioveg

    [SOLVED] why are all my ports closed ?

    recently steam has stopped working properly , 0kbs download , online matchmaking doesn't work etc.. i thought that my net is just being slow , but everything else was working fine(uplay,epic launcher...) until i checked the ports & i'v found all of my ports closed like all of them even the...
  27. BiGG_ShadeZ

    Question help with SSD port!

    I have 2 motherboards from MSI and GIGABYTE but same model actually. 1: MSI H81M0P33 2 : MSI H81-DS2 I'm going for an SSD and I discovered I don't have any M.2 NVMe ports. one PCIe x16 is occupied by the GPU. I was wondering if I can get an adapter for 2 x PCI Express x1 slots. IF I can use an...
  28. saltySquash

    Question Can't connect to game servers when my own server is running?

    I know many of you probably don't know DayZ, but i'm pretty sure it doesn't matter which game it is. I recently tried to make my own local server in this game (DayZ Standalone), i've port forwarded and all that, but when i run it, i can't connect to any dayz servers at all, not even my own, and...
  29. N

    [SOLVED] Is this possible?

    Hello! so i have an Asus G11CB and its connected to a Benq RLhm..45.. something through the HDMI port on the GPU iso. I also want to add a second display, an Acer 27” KG271C monitor. Is it possible to do this using any port, there is a strange DVI looking port below the HDMI port on the GPU ISO...
  30. C

    [SOLVED] Unallocated hard drive

    So i have a new hard drive, a 1TB HDD, when i open up disk manager it appears unallocated, i have tried right clicking the hard drive panel, and cannot format the drive, any help on this?
  31. X

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Keeps Having Random Issues

    Ok so i do wanna apologize if im doing this in the wrong forum but im really hoping to get some answers for this. So lately my windows 10 has been acting weird with issues and what i mean is one minute my windows loads and my pc runs perfectly and the next my windows with either A) Not load at...
  32. F

    Processor only uses 2 cores instead of 6

    Hello! So 've recently upgraded my computer, I'm having a blast with running games that I couldn't usually play before such as For Honor, Minecraft at above 20 frames and a few others, but I'm now having trouble with my cores. My processor seems to be only using two cores instead of the six I...
  33. N

    Low fps help

    I was getting good fps in games like far cry 4 100 fps and h1z1 80 fps now i get in far cry 4 20 fps and in h1z1 40 fps help
  34. P

    data transfer slow ? defraggler piriform

    i run benchmark and i have a toshiba sata 3 with 1.5 mb/s and a WD black sata 3 with 2 mb/s. i thinked that a hdd sata 3 have to run in 100/150 mb/s. the speed is normal ?, or isnt ?
  35. K

    A68HM-P33 v2 board with X4 860K cpu gives 1 long 2 short beeps

    First off I bent the pins on the CPU somehow, then I used a clutch pencil to bend them back. I had to use a bit of force to get the cpu to fit. When I booted up I got one long beep and two short beeps and zero display. I don't have a monitor so I am using a HDV to HDMI cable to plug into my...
  36. D

    Building a new PC

    can you recommend me an Excellent pc for 2000$ ?! I want a skylake and z170 chipset
  37. D

    Devices are no longer working with new motherboard (Mic and mouse)

    Hello everyone, so after weeks with computer troubles I'm finally coming to a forum for help. Alright so, just today I put a brand new fancy MSI motherboard into my tower, however a issue I'm having is when I plug in my mic which is a Blue Snowball the light goes on but utilities like Curse...
  38. F

    Cooler and motherboard problems

    I'm using a corsair h100 v2 installed it successful the USB wire I plugged in but there is 2 other wires one with 2 outputs and one of those outputs is 4 pin shaped but has 3 pins where are they meant to go on my asus maximus viii hero
  39. E

    Which CPU is best for me?

    So I'm building a PC (not my first time) and I'm having trouble deciding on a CPU, my main purpose for the computer is gaming with recording and light-medium editing/rendering, my budget for the CPU is about $300. The games I plan on playing are CSGO, Minecraft Gmod GTA The Division and a few...
  40. T

    I am looking for a quiet but cool mid tower atx case for my gaming rig...

    I would like to replace my corsair spec 01 red led gaming case for a much higher quality, quieter and cooler case. Preferably I would like there to be plenty of cable room, as my psu is only semi modular, and to be honest I am no miracle maker when it comes to cable management. In fact I am...