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  1. W

    Question Black screen with white dots loading animation ?

    I decided to install another HDD into my system, and upon turning the system on after the installation, the PC would boot into a black screen with only the white dots spinning in a circle, though my cursor will also show up. It would stay on this screen for an unusual amount of time. I unplugged...
  2. Bentley1002352

    Question Why does computer beep 5 times and has error d6

    hi, i have just turned on my computer and it beeped 5 fast times and showed post code d6 on the motherboard. the motherboard is a Asrock 970extreme4 and my graphics card is a zotac geforce 9500gt. The cpu is a AMD phenom II. i have tried manually resetting bios because i cant see anything on...
  3. R

    Question 1 long beep, 2 short beeps, no video

    I left my PC running while i slept, i woke up and it was off, after powering it on it started beeping, I've tried many fixes but nothing helped. Behaviour The beeps start a second after i press the power button, the heatsink fan, power supply fan and gpu fans power on, i get no video at all...