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    Question Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard DRAM Light On

    Computer will not boot/or allow entry into bios. Just shows blank screen and monitor does not detect any input. Yellow DRAM LED is lit up. Machine was working fine, then I moved the system 1 hour away from its original position and now the system will not function. Steps Taken: Removed and...
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    Question New build yesterday POST fine, today nothing.

    Using an ASUS X570-PLUS, Ryzen 5 3600, 16Gb Corsair Vengance 3600MHz, 1TB WD Black M2 NVMe and a MSI 2060 super Ventus OC. Finished the build yesterday, power on and POSTed fine, didn't have the time to install OS so powered off and went away. Came back this afternoon, power on and no POST...
  3. Question PC 'boots' to glitched screen, Is it a corrupted BIOS? How can I fix it?

    A sequence of issues has ended up bricking(?) my PC. I assume this a BIOS issue but I am not sure. I'd be very grateful to anyone who could help me resolve this problem, or even just explain why this has happened if a solution is not available. Much more information below: Running Windows 10...
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    MY computer build

    For a couple months I have been saving up money to build a computer, and researching all the parts... Of course right when I think I have decided on the right build amd says that ryzen will be released this quarter. This is the build I want to do: I am...
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    Motherboard capability Intel dh61bf

    Is there any way to fix the SATA problem for Intel dh61bf mobo with gtx960 or gtx970. My configuration Intel dh61bf mobo Pentium g2020 processor Transcend 4gb ram Is there any graphics card size problem arising in SATA side while fixing the msi gtx 960