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  1. Riyouk

    Question Motherboard not posting after removing CPU

    I have an Asus rog Strix 399x gaming motherboard with threadripper 1920 CPU. I built this by myself a few months back and everything was working fine but yesterday out of nowhere a 0D error appeared. I tried changing RAM sticks and with only 1 RAM but the error was still there. After I remvoed...
  2. F

    Question PC not posting no beeps

    Hello, I'm having trouble with the PC I'm building. I'm using older parts. It's the following parts list: i5 6600K (Stock Intel Cooler) Gigabyte Z170N-WIFI Motherboard Corsair SF450 PSU Hyper X 16GB RAM (HX426C16FB2K2/16) GTX 1060 6GB M2.SSD Samsung 500GB The problem I'm having is that the...
  3. M

    Question So my vram led on my motherboard turns on and will not let the pc boot

    I’ve tried using each individual ram stick none of them have worked (there’s 4) I’ve tried it without my cpu installed I made sure all the wires are properly connected and last I’ve tried clearing the cmos and nothing has worked can anyone figure out what’s wrong with it or has a clue?
  4. S

    Question New PC build not posting or beeping

    I'm working on my first build, and it is not posting or beeping. I've been searching different forums for what seems to be the issue, and so far nothing has worked. I've reseated both RAM cards, tried to boot it with only one or the other plugged in, taken out the GPU, reinstalled the CPU...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Sudden problems booting windows

    Hi, as of today I have installed sea of thieves on my pc, when playing it for the first time I was greeted by poor performance and artifacts being created on my screen. Before I could figure out was was wrong my pc crashed and I had to restart it. After restarting everything seemed fine, I was...
  6. S

    Question New motherboard not posting?

    Decided on upgrading my Mb (currently Asus prime a320m-k) to a x570 aorus elite WiFi. I’m reusing everything else though: CPU: amd 3700x SSD m.2 : Samsung 1tb evo plus (not wiped) HD: Barracuda 2tb (not wiped) Gpu: Evga 2080S ftw3 Ram: 8x2 Corsair vengeance rub pro(3200mhz) Psu: evga 750 gold...
  7. Jimmiew0612

    Question Pc wont post

    Hello everyone, I just built my very first pc, followed all the proper precautionary measures, and it turned on! I downloaded steam google chrome oculus and all the softwares i needed and left to do something only to come back to it off. Since it was downloading a few things at the time i...
  8. KasparTM

    Question PC starts, no image og screen. VGA led light up og motherboard.

    The pc is about two years old. It uses a gtx 1060 6gb. Recently it started booting up but no image showed up on the screen. The screen does turn on though and the VGA error LED lights up on the motherboard. I have tried using the second PCI slot on the PC with no luck, and tried using a...
  9. S

    Question Why isn't my system posting?

    I recently just upgraded my PC from an AMD FX-8350 to a R5 3600. I put all my parts in and connected everything to the right places. However, when I started it up, I wasn't getting any post display and can't even get into bios. Any help? Specs: AMD R5 3600, Asus ROG Strix B450 (with bios...
  10. I

    Question Motherboard posting issues

    Okay so I recently got a PC that has issues posting an image on the monitor. It powers up and everything seems fine, just no image. At first I wondered if it was the graphics card, so I pulled it out and put it in another PC and the graphics Works fine. The CPU and RAM also worked in another...