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    [SOLVED] Just installed a new cpu... now my ports dont work and there is no display?

    Hello! I just installed a new Ryzen 7 3700X and replaced my Ryzen 5 1600 in my PC. It worked fine before I installed the new CPU, but now it seems that the PC wont "post" or whatever that means. I mean that because the fans spin and the lights on my pc turn on. But i get no signal on my display...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Intel S5520HC not posting but CPUs heating up

    I don't know if I'm being dumb or what but on my board I have 2 Xeon X5650s with 72 GB of DDR3 no graphics card for the time being seeing as it won't work, either way, I have made sure that the PSU has the proper 3A on 5V SB. Currently, I don't have CPU fans connected (because I don't have any)...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Gaming X| Can I run it?

    Hello! I am looking into the MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2GB Gaming X (Found for a great price) but I am not sure if I can run it. I have a 255W 80 Plus Gold PSU, and currently have a ATI Radeon 4550 HD. It does require the 6 pin connector from the PSU. I am not sure if I have that. Also will the PSU...
  4. S

    psu forza horizon 3

    hey guys I want to play forza horizon 3 my spec is gt 1030 amd Athlon x4 860k 6gb ram 1833mhz and I have a china psu 450w from 2014 I see a person in youtube who have a cpu from 2008 and 750 ti a cooler master b600 psu and 6 gb ram 800mhz he run with 30-40 fps I run the game with 6 fps is this...
  5. M

    Is it actually worth me upgrading my i5 3470 to an 8400 or r5 1600?

    Had this cpu since 2012 but not sure if it's worth the upgrade. I only tend to play games, so I'm not sure if it's gonna be a big increase or worth the money I'll spend on them
  6. A

    No display on monitor

    Rig built AMD Fx6300 3.5 650VS corsair PSU r9 270x 4gb graphic card. there is no display on the monitor while its connected to Graphic card but when I swipe wire to motherboard. Display comes on. No display with graphic card... Display with motherboard. please help me.
  7. G

    help for a PC gaming newb

    im looking for help upgrading an older pc. i have 2 PCs to choose from that i have at my disposal. the first is a hp desk from around 2010 and zt systems pc from around the same era which should i choose ? as far as general question that need help with are: 1. if i get a new motherboard what...
  8. I

    I Want to Make a Clap On PC

    I want to make a clap on computer and i was wondering if you think its a good idea or not and if anyone has done it or if you have any tips.Thank you
  9. ThinkGames

    Good places to buy a cheap pre-built gaming pc?

    So I'm currently saving up to buy a gaming pc. At first I was planning to build my own but then I thought it would be better to buy a prebuilt and just add onto it. I'm not sure where to really look for good pre-built PCs.
  10. C

    Adding 5TB Internal Drive to my Tower

    Hey. So I'm looking at getting a large 5TB Internal 7200 RPM hard drive for storage purposes. Drive I am looking at purchasing. I'm wondering a couple of things: 1.) Is this a decent drive that I would be safe buying? There won't be anything vital on this drive, mostly emulators, roms, and...
  11. yatys93

    weird screen flickering

    got a video from my friend its on a 270X at 1080p, playing GTA but happened when just viewing web pages too, once it starts the pc kills the game and give error ERR-GFX-D3D-INIT. any ideas?
  12. R

    Games run slower on Windows 8

    When I bought this laptop it came with windows 8 on it, I wasn't a huge fan of windows 8 so I downloaded windows 7 ultimate on it and was running it like that for a while. eventually my wifi adapter was constantly having problems and while googling for an awnser I found the only fix was a driver...
  13. J

    Im Trying to Upgrade My PC Help Me Please

    What Im Trying to Upgrade Mobo:Gigabyte Ga-G41M-Combo [X] Cpu:Intel Core2 Duo E8600 [O] price $50 Gpu:SAPPHIRE ATI 7790 2GB DDR5 128BIT [O] price $115 Ram:Kingston 2 Gb DDR3 [X] (Maybe Im Gonna Buy Another One) Hdd:WDC WC5000AAKX-603CA0 [X] Psu:Cooler Master Power Supply Elite V2 550W or...