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  1. Prestianni

    Question Using different PSU cables

    Hi all, I’ve got a 550w fully modular Corsair power supply. My fans however even though the case is new, came with fans requiring a 4 pin molex connection. I bought a cheap 6pin to molex off of eBay as the PSU didn’t come with one, is this safe and if not whats the chances of something bad...
  2. tom.klingst

    Question Graphics card sparks and smokes after attempting to boot PC with new PSU. Reason for that?

    Recently I was playing OSU! a game that doesn't really require a lot of graphics work. In the middle of my play session my PC randomly turns off as if the plug was pulled. A simple black screen is all I'm left staring at and there's no noticeable smell or anything. It just looked as if my PC had...