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  1. S

    Question Lenovo Z50-70 battery

    Hello there ; I bought a new battery for my lenovo z50-70 ; because it is a lithuim type it was recommended to be charged for 8 hours. I almost forgot didn't do it . I let the battery it die now and wanted it to charge for 8 hours . does this have the same effect. the problem is sometime my...
  2. Xtarget_21

    [SOLVED] Is my 450 80+ white enough

    Hey guys quick question. Is my 450 80+ white enough for an i5 10400f paired with a gtx 1070? I've been using this PSU for 3 years now and it has been pretty good. I used this one with a g4600 paired with a 1050ti system. Currently, I'm using a 1070 with my g4600 and no issues so far. I'm...
  3. G

    Question Graphic Card not working

    Dear all, I recently tried to replace my old graphic card (AMD Radeon HD 5450) with a new one (ASUS ROG-STRIX-RX560-4G ). This is my mother board: Asus M5A97. I am posting the full specs of my pc below. When I restarted the pc it worked for 5 minutes then it rebooted and after that I could not...
  4. anth.anth

    [SOLVED] ATX Antec HGC 650 (Some questions about it and GPU)

    Hi everyone. I have two question about my PSU and the power of my GPU. I've used a Corsair VS650 for years, with different builds, with no problems. I have now bought a 1660 Super and am having problems probably due to the power supply so I have decided to buy a new one. What do you think about...
  5. S

    Question GPU suddenly dont show any display and fans spins at max speed?

    My spec is: i9-9900k Evga rtx 2080s XC ultra OC Aorus 240 liquid cooler Aorus elite z390 mobo Antec NE600G PSU Corsair vengeance pro 16GB running at 3200xmp The pc runs everything at stock except for the RAM pc always worked fine until last night i was playing game and then suddenly the GPU...
  6. mfsanchez

    Question Power Supply explode, no smoke only sound

    Hi community, Today my PSU explode without any apparently reason, but I cant see smoke or any sign of the failure, when I extract them from the case drop this: Any idea what happened with my power supply? I have the pc connected to a voltage regulator.
  7. Ash_GameKiller?

    [SOLVED] 250W or 400W? For low spec PC.

    Hi Community, My PC specs are: 2X2GB DDR2 (800Mhz) RAM - Dual Channel (In CPUZ it shows - 333.x. MHz) 3.14Ghz(2Core) - Core 2 Duo CPU CPU Fan (or stock cooler) and Back case Fan(for cooling) Nividea GT 710 2GB DDR3 Motherboard: MSI G31-P21 (MS-7529) Rev 1.0 I know it's entry level chipset and...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Need help choosing a new PSU

    Hello everyone, recently my CX750 psu failed on me and now i have to buy a new one, I've been looking at different models on my 100 bucks (more or less) budget and i keep reading mixed reviews about everything. I narrowed down my research on Amazon to a Corsair TX650M and a Corsair RM750, and...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] 650w power supply good or should I upgrade

    Okay so I am a average gamer and streamer I make YouTube videos as well and I was wondering if a 650w gold power supply is still good enough for what I have System specs ASRock b450 pro motherboard Ryzen7 2700 CPU Gtx 1660 ti 32 gb ddr4 ram ( 4 x 8gb) 1 tb 7200 rpm hdd USB components Elgoto...
  10. JayClaud

    [SOLVED] Infinite boot on startup

    Every time I try and boot my pc I get the asrock logo and an infinite loading circle. How can I solve this? Also before this happened 7 out of my 9 usbs on my pc didn't work.
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Can I hook up a eGPU to my old desktop pc?

    I have a, MSI GTX 770 TWIN FROZR, graphics card laying around. Would it be possible to hook up an external power supply and my graphics card and connect it to my old desktop pc to improve it. I don't know much about this topic so sorry if I sound dumb. Also would I need a new cpu too because my...
  12. H

    Question using PSU from mid 2014, when to replace?

    I am currently running an XFX 550W 80+ Bronze power supply in my rig. It's powering a stock 3700x and 2060. I've had no problems with this power supply since I first got it, but I have been using it since mid-2014. Here is the exact model: P1-550S-XXB9. I was wondering when I should upgrade to...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] which one should i get ?

    Hello, i have a buld wiht b450-m tuf + r 2600 + 16 gb + rx 470 4g. i have no idea which PSU one should i get ? - COOLER MASTER ELITE V3 600 W NO 80+ for $50 - SMART POWER SERIES 400W 80PLUS BRONZE for $34 - FSP Hyper 500W 80+White for $ 56 - THERMALTAKE LITE POWER 650 RGB NO 80+ for $ 56