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  1. V

    Question TX650M exploded, need help

    My TX650M exploded with a bang and I there was a spark from the PSU. The earthing pin was missing from the chord, and I think that was the reason. I will receive replacement under RMA, this time with a proper earthing pin plug. I will use a 6A 938J surge protector to avoid excess current. Do I...
  2. 3

    Question What product can I use to gently power on/off my stereo studio monitors?

    I have 2 Mackie speakers about 8 feet apart on stands either side of my desk. I need something I can plug them both into with an easy-to-reach switch (preferable on the desk) that can power them both on and off safely. What do you recommend?
  3. S

    Question HP Elitebook Laptop power issue?

    I'm working on an HP Elitebook 8470p. The initial issue is that the left hinge on the screen is broken open, but after opening the unit up these wires all go to a wifi chip in that back corner of the board. (There is also a wifi chip towards the front of the laptop as well. I find it odd...
  4. andretyuio

    Can I use this cable on my playstation 2?

    I have a cable rated for 7A, 125V. Can I plug it into my SCPH-39001 Playstation 2 or will it explode?
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Can i use more than one power strip?

    Hi, I want to know if I can use two strips at the same time on my pc. i have an old power strip that is: https://mega-gospodar.com.ua/p1193256220-setevoj-filtr-udlinitel.html Surge protector 2.5 m with universal power outlets (standard Europe, America, China, Australia). Characteristics...
  6. Equale24

    Question Is it Okay to use 125V cord on 240V outlet?

    Hi, I’ve bought a Laptop from US. But now I am in a country where electrical standard is 240v 50hz. The adapter says 100-240v 2A 50-60hz. So I am not worried about the adapter. Although the cord (which connects outlet and adapter) has a text on it which says 125v 7A. I still think that is okay...
  7. Krys2000

    Question Can I use a laptop charger from a different manufacturer if it supplies the same Power Requirements of my laptop?

    Hey guys, what I'm trying to do is revive an old laptop of mine, specifically a Samsung NC210. The factory power adapter died long ago and from what I've seen buying a new one off of Ebay will cost me over €200 (Definitely not giving that much for an adapter) I found a Lenovo one for €8 and its...
  8. [SOLVED] Can't plug in power cable

    I tried to plug it in but it just doesn't go in fully. I can only get it a little bit inside but the cable always hangs out a bit. I've tried it with force but I don't want to do it too hard or else it might break. What should I do? Do I need to do something else first to get it in?
  9. S

    Question PSU extension cable with broken pin

    I have a PCIe 6-pin extension cable with a broken ground pin. My PC has a GTX 1650 SUPER in it. I know my GPU draws around 100W of power and the motherboard power connector should be able to deliver 75W, as for a normal 6pin connector. If one ground pin is broken on the connector should the...
  10. DJDD01

    Question is this battery info normal?

    My device : Acer predator helios 300 2018 edition with I5 8300h and gtx 1050ti. Battery model: LG PABAS0241231 This is my battery info in HWinfo Battery Voltage [V] 16.842 Wear Level [%] 22.5 is this normal? The battery voltage seems a bit high to me, it's usually around 12v in...
  11. F

    Question Replacing internal power receptacle on hp pavilion power

    Hey everyone, a few months ago I knocked my HP Pavilion Power onto the floor. This bent the bit from the power adapter. It continued to work for awhile, but eventually stopped working. I replaced the power supply (why don't the manufacturers make the cord with the bit detachable like the wall...
  12. siver20

    [SOLVED] A couple of Question on PSU and what cable can go were

    I'll do my best to keep this short. I just got an ASUS B550-f Wifi upgrade from my MSI B450. I have an EVGA BR 80+ semi-mod and my GPU is Gigabyte 1660 super. Also, my CPU is Ryzen 3600. I notice when i was using my old case the front 2 3.0 USBs the right one didn't seem to work. SO when I took...
  13. elcapitanph

    [SOLVED] Laptop Charger confusing 65watts or 120watts as per Asus Site

    Hello so i buy a laptop from ebay without charger now when i check the specification laptop model "ASUS X550JF-MS71 " https://icecat.biz/en/p/asus/x550jf-ms71/notebooks-x550jf-ms71-28347742.html https://www.asus.com/Laptops/X550JF/specifications/ Now it really confusing about the charger do I...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] 6 to 8 pin adapter or new psu?

    I'm about to buy a gtx 1660 super, but my psu has 1x6 pin and no 8 pins. I don't know much about electricity, cables or power supplies. can I connect my 6 pin to the 8 pin? should I buy an adapter or a new psu and which one? I've been using the psu for about 3 years and didn't have any issues...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Is there a short in my PC somehwere?

    So I just built a new PC, everything is working fine except that if I power off my PC and then try to power it on using the power button, It doesn't turn on. Restart works fine and all but it's only when I completely power my PC off that it refuses to start again. I solved my problem by...
  16. Z

    [SOLVED] Laptop is charging but no power

    Hello, I have laptop HP 15-ay005. When I connect power adapter LED is on and mobo get 19.5V. When I test with multimeter everything looks fine. But laptop can't power on. I also try remove bios battery for one minute. Laptop battery doesn't work, laptop was working only with power adapter. This...
  17. A

    Question PC Booted after Unplugging and Re-Plugging Power Cord. Why?

    Hi guys, I hope you all are doing well. On a two-day old computer I bought it froze completely while I opened Netflix on Chrome. This seems to be an issue with Netflix as multiple PC users report the same issue online. No minidump or BSODS, no error in the event viewer other than the forced...
  18. A


    I'm planning to buy a Gtx 970 but it needs a 8 and a 6 pin cable my psu have 2x6pin cable but no 8pin so im planning to buy a 6pin to 8pin coverter or cable to power the gtx 970 Can i use a 6pin to 8pin on A windforce gtx 970 3x ?? wth a true rated 500wtts PSU?
  19. O

    [SOLVED] Instant Power Loss and Shutdown. Power surge?

    Hello, I have a gaming laptop (ORIGIN EON-17X) purchased in 2016, but within the last week I have twice experienced a total and instantaneous shutdown/loss of power even though the battery is full and it is plugged into AC power. There is no shutdown sequence it just instantly stops...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] Rx 5700

    Hello there... I bought the RX 5700 TUF Gaming and it has 1x6 pin supply and 1x8 pin supply...I must fill both of them or only 1 pin?