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  1. Sudety19

    Question Xeon e5 2696v3 turbo unlock doesn't work at all

    Hi,sorry that my english isnt veryy well, i have xeon e5 2696 v3 on huananzhi x99 tf. I trided all of internet Tutorial and turbo unlock driver and its akways 3.3ghz max turbo on stress or game but if i go to destop somtimes it reach 3.7 GHz and i dont know what to do i read about thermal...
  2. TNCurz

    Question Random Restarts and Power Cuts ?

    Hi, I've had this PC for 5 years now, though it wasn't really used for about 3 years in between. Before it worked completely fine, so did it for a while after I started using it again. But now it seems to randomly get it's power cut off which comes back almost simultaneously, restarting the...
  3. Jesse miles

    [SOLVED] M.2 SSD not showing up in BIOS after power short out !!!

    Hi, I've done something very dangerous and embarrassing today. I got a new hdd and wanted to see if my 6 pin cable could reach from psu to the harddrive, and without any sort of judgement I immediately plugged in the cable to the psu WHILE the computer was on. (It wasn't connected to the hard...
  4. A

    Question What is the best UPS for my Ryzen 5 1660 ti system?

    Hi, I want to buy an UPS for my system as I live in an area where power cut is very common. This is my setup :- Ryzen 3600 CPU GTX 1660 ti GPU MSI B450M-VDH-PLUS Mobo 16 GB 3200 MHz RAM(XMP enabled) Corsair TX-650M PSU 1 TB HDD + 250 GB SSD Is there a good UPS for my PC for a reasonable...
  5. L

    Question Sudden FPS Drop After Power Cut

    Hi, My FPS in games has dropped from around 250 to 40 fps after a power cut. My power supply has OVP so i dont think it is a power surge issue but everything seems fine except the 40 FPS. My Computer - MSI 1080ti Intel I7 8700K ASUS Z370 Prime G Skill 16Gb DDR4 3200Mhz 1tb Samsung SSD 4tb...
  6. I

    Windows creates endless ethernet adapters?

    Ever since I've installed windows 10 on my PC in july it's been doing this, and I've just dealt with it but now it's gotten ridiculous. It will go through each adapter and try to connect to each one, and when it does not connect it'll move to the next until they're all done. During this time I...
  7. C

    What to expect on OEM cpu package?

    I know that it doesn't come with a cooler, manual, and a fancy box. But how is it packaged, any protective air cushion, foam?