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  1. TheCreepy

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to revive a NVMe/M2 ssd with power cycle ?

    So I was using my ssd happily until yesterday then I had to force my pc to shut down but when I started my pc today I couldn't see ssd I believe when I forced my pc to shut down something happened to the ssd I've read articles about power-cycling may revive a dead ssd but mine is 970 evo m.2...
  2. M

    PC Crashing randomly - help please

    Specs: R9 290 8 GB RAM i3 4160 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Corsair VS550 Basically, computer will crash at any random time - usually once a day - sometimes more. It can happen while randomly browsing the web or while gaming. I can play any game maxed out without issue on the GPU side but sometimes, just...
  3. D

    Buying Windows Keys From used Pcs

    I always see broken or old computers on craiglist for cheap that still have Windows. Is it possible to buy these PCs and take the key of them and use them on a new PC build?
  4. Ma66oTo

    Asus Maximus VII Formula Wi-Fi question

    Does this motherboard only support wi-fi for internet connection? Or can you connect a standard ethernet cable?
  5. N

    Question about my SSD

    Hi guys, I just recently got myself a 120g SSD that I'm going to use for my OS and a few other things. My question is, when I was installing windows 7 on it i noticed that when I was selecting which hard drive to install windows into, it showed my SSD as only 112gb not the 120gb it was suppose...