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Power Cycles

Forum discussion tagged with Power Cycles.
  1. nutberger

    [SOLVED] Computer cycles on and off every 30 seconds after new MB installation

    I have recently run into a problem after choosing to get a new case, a new cpu, and a new motherboard. When plugged in and powered on it appears everything inside the case is working, all LEDs are on but nothing shows on moniter and after around 30 seconds it shuts off, and then turns back on...
  2. R

    Would my cpu display or even just start with a bad cpu cooler?

    I got a new cpu recently, but I used the stock cooler (i didnt know stock coolers werent very good at the time) Anyway, I got everything plugged in and hooked up (including the new cpu and the fan the came with it). When I turned it on, it never displayed to my monitor. i realized that the cpu...