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  1. M

    Question Power supply cable guide

    I’m completely stumped with my new power supply, it’s the be quiet dark power 12 850w titanium and I can’t figure out the power cables. I’m guessing the mother board is the 20+8 pin that goes to a 24 as that’s the same as old power supply. However I can’t figure out the cpu, on my old power...
  2. erik62905

    [SOLVED] RX 6900 XT With Corsair CX750M Risks?

    Hey everyone, Yesterday I helped a friend pick out parts for a new build at Micro Center. We found some insane deals, notably a PowerColor RX 6900 XT Red Devil for $650 open box. Obviously I had them spring for that card; that is just insane. However, they were on a set budget, and in order to...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] 100% GPU Utilization but only 40% power draw causing FPS drops + Vram spikes

    Hello Lately I have this issue in Red dead redemption 2 where I get sudden FPS drop from 80 - 100 FPS to 4 FPS. Normally the GPU is using 220-230 watts of power, but before the lag happens I noticed that my GPU hits around 7.4 GB of Vram allocation and 6.2-ish GB of actual Vram used by the game...
  4. Barty1884

    [SOLVED] GoogleTV Chromecast with USB-C NIC + Passthrough.

    Hi all, Trying to decipher a strange problem..... Only thing I can think of is power, but even then, it doesn't make too much sense in my head. Picked up a Chromecast with GoogleTV. Getting 250up/down via Wifi, but I have Gigabit internet, so wanted a wired connection here. Looked at a few...
  5. H

    Question Testing 3950X

    Hey, guys. I have a GA-AX370-Gaming 5 and had seen months ago that it's supposed to support the 3950X with a BIOS update. Yesterday I finally got the CPU, and when I installed it after updating the BIOS, the computer failed to POST. I've already sent a support request to Gigabyte, so that's not...
  6. JoshC001

    [SOLVED] Why is my Ryzen 5 2600X pulling 120 Watts?

    I have PBO enabled on my mobo and in Ryzen Master, and I have a fairly beefy 6 heat pipe 2 fan cooler on my CPU. I use CPUID HWMonitor to pull all of my stats on my second monitor while running Cinebench on the primary display. When I run Cinebench R20, the CPU package pulls 120 Watts at around...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Fan header amp draw (multiple fans 1 header) - MSI x570 Gaming Plus

    So I have Masterbox TD500, yes there are better cases, but i have what I have. It has 3 fans running on molex (as the cables were a tad short to reach the headers on their own), I found a 3 way splitter in my things, it would allow me to get a fan curve to let the computer run a little quieter...
  8. T

    Where would be the best place to set up my acoustic panels?

    I have them on the opposite side of where my tv is, but I should move them to near my tv?
  9. packersfan036

    is this a good overclock?

    overclocked a asus maximus vII hero motherboard a corsair cx600m power supply, and a i5 4690k cpu to 4.3 ghz and voltage is at 1.2 volts. ram is set with xmp at 1600 MHz 1.50v. ran a stress test and its stable.
  10. waffleisback

    Custom "Most Used" Section in Start Menu

    Hello, I have Windows 10 Pro and I was wondering if I could create a favorites menu like the "Most used" section marked on the image below. I would like to have Google Chrome, Steam, Task Manager and a few others kinda pinned to the top of the App list. I don't just want to get rid of the...
  11. B

    Which SSD NVMe M.2 Sata drive??

    Hello all. Having trouble finding a reasonably priced SSD M.2 drive. Already made the mistake of buying a PCIe version rather than a SATA. (samsung 960 evo) The drive is for the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard http://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/H110%20Pro%20BTC+/index.asp#Specification Drive...
  12. E

    3 Feet or 6 Feet Displayport Cable?

    So How much feet is for the displayport cable to plug in to my graphics card?