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  1. D

    Question Strange Problem with System Power LED and Motherboard Leads

    Hello. I hope i've posted this correctly as it's my first post. This pertains to the system power LED light on the CASE. I have a steel legend b450m Motherboard and a Thermaltake v200 case. Everything on my PC is working and my PSU is delivering proper power to all components. My problem is...
  2. SimplexShotz

    [SOLVED] Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL Power Indicator Light not Working

    Hey there, The power indicator light on my case was working fine for the first couple of weeks of use, and now it just blinks blue when I press it to start up the PC, and then goes dark. I don't believe that I've changed any settings anywhere, so I'm not really sure why it's doing this. The...
  3. W

    [SOLVED] New Computer Won't Boot

    Hey, so I am building a new computer for my mother to replace her old laptop. I believe I have done everything correctly and when I plug it in, the LED power light to the case is on but the PC itself will not turn on. I have checked the motherboard and case manual to check the diagrams for the...
  4. S

    Question Identifying Front Panel Pins on Non-standard Mobo

    Hello, I am using a Lenovo motherboard originally from a Lenovo H415. Since I am making a custom case for it, I am using a standalone power button with a power led. The front panel pins on the motherboard seem to be a unique layout, and appear to be completely unlabeled. The power pins are easy...
  5. Z

    Question Front Panel Power led keeps blinking after shutting down PC

    So yes. This is something that began to happen like a week ago and i don't know why. I tried reconnecting the front panel connections but still the same. It doesn't go to sleep mode or hibernation, typing and clicking do not boot up the pc. Also, at the same time, the sleep mode option...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] What does it mean if the power indicator (little light on the monitor) of your monitor blinks?

    I have noticed that something has been disappearing or blinking in the lower right corner of my sight. I have noticed that sometimes the power indicator of the monitor turns off and on (not the display itself, the monitor is working fine). I wanna know what this means. The monitor has lasted...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Connect additional power supply 5m strap

    Hi Does anyone know how to connect a 5 meter 5050 strap to the motherboard. The motherboard is Asus Rog Strix z370-e I am asking for detailed instructions on how to connect additional power supply, best regards
  8. HardAsARockie

    [SOLVED] Computer unable to turn off through power button

    Hello. I just recently built a PC. I can turn on the PC, but a few things are off. The motherboard shows a white light, and I can see all the fans are on. However, there is no power switch LED, there is no signal to the monitor, the keyboard and mouse aren't lighting up, and you are unable to...
  9. S

    Issues with small ITX build and a watercooled GTX 1080

    I have a problem. Obviously I do or I would not have created a account just to post something on this forum. About 1-2 years ago I built a desktop in a case called NCASE. Its a ITX build with a full sized graphics card and full watercooling loop. I decided to build such a small computer because...
  10. P

    I upgraded from 8GB RAM to 24GB (G.SKILL RIPJAWS X Series), but Windows and CPU-Z shows that I only have 16GB installed?

    Just last night, I upgraded from 8GB to 24GB RAM in my gaming computer. As the title states, both Windows and CPU-Z are showing that I have only 16GB installed. Just in case you need my specs, my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H. The RAM I already had was G.SKILL RIPJAWS X Series (2x4...