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  1. RyzenNoob

    Question Keyboard doesn't wake up computer from sleep

    I recently had a power cut, and all of a sudden the keyboard, the Corsair K96 platinum doesn't wake up Windows from sleep I've tried the power management in the Device Manager, but that didn't work. Tried a CMOS reset to see if there was a problem with the settings in the UEFI had gone funny...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Fans continually cycling between fast and faster

    In a windows 2019 server, using a Enermax platnimax 1200w power supply, I have 4 case fans (back plane cooling), a slot cooling card (2 fans), 2 additional rear facing case fans, and the CPU fan. It runs great. Still, from the day I built this system I can hear the fan(s) continuously...
  3. matt_souza

    [SOLVED] SSD upgrade and power consumption differences

    I'm replacing my laptop's SSD, and I'm considering two options: 500GB WD Green SN350 and 500GB WD_BLACK SN750. My laptop is a VivoBook 15 (X513EP), and it came with a Western Digital's 256GB PC SN530. Looking over the specs for these three SSDs, I see that the SN750 seems to draw more power and...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] PC reboots when trying to sleep or hibernate

    Hey folks, Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction here. Issue: When I sleep or hibernate on my PC it will reboot after a while (can take 6-12 hours to happen) Solutions tried: Went to Device Manager > System Devices > Intel(R) Management Engine Interface #1 > Power...
  5. S

    Question Sudden Heating issue on HP Pavilion Gaming 15 2019

    The heating issue cropped up about two days back. I installed Solidworks 4 days ago and ANSYS student 3 days ago. The laptop was bought in Sept 2019, specifications are: i7-9750H Nvidia 1660 Ti Max Q 512GB SSD 1TB SSD 12 GB RAM It has been on dual boot since the beginning, UBUNTU 18.04 LTS...
  6. System32_76

    Question Can't Turn Up & Down Laptop Display Brightness

    As the title says. I'm running Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon with Nvidia Geforce 9400GM drivers. Is this a driver issue at all?
  7. O

    Question MSI GF75 Think 9SD is very loud when plugged in

    Hi, I have a MSI GF75 9SD-056 laptop. When plugged in the fans go crazy. On battery the fans go slow. I've already checked the power settings. Right now i'm using the balanced power settings for both plugged in and battery use. The fans only get loud when plugged in. Also i'm just using chrome...
  8. D

    Question WD hard drive on dock station goes sleep mode

    I have Orico docking station for Internal Western Digital 4TB Black hard disk drive . If i don't use the disk for 2-3 minutes the disk goes to sleep mode . I have disabled in power management setting ,set hard drive to turn off to "Never" and usb selective suspend setting to "Disable". I am not...
  9. P

    Question GPU drawing power away from my NIC

    Hi guys, Recently I bought a new GPU of a friend of mine, its a GeForce GTX 1050ti made by gigabyte, and after I installed its drivers my network speeds dropped massively, previously I was getting about 15mb/s however now I get about 300kb/s. However I realised that when the GPU timed out the...
  10. TolgaNuke

    Will this NVMe SSD work with my motherboard?

    Hello, I currently have an ASUS Z170 Pro motherboard (not the gaming model). The link to the manual is here: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1151/Z170-PRO/E10417_Z170-PRO_UM_WEB.pdf I am thinking of purchasing the Samsung EVO 960 NVMe SSD but I am unsure whether this will work with my...
  11. J

    perm delete this account.

    I will create another account, with my new email. Thanks!
  12. A

    I want my keyboard in English

    It's in French I want English