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  1. D

    Question PC loses all power seemingly randomly to all peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.) during gaming or at idle

    Hi! I've been having some issues with my PC recently and have fixed most of them, however one is still stumping me, which I only just found a few days ago. During idle or at high-usage my PC will lose all power to peripherals( mouse, keyboard, monitor) but stay running. Unplugging and...
  2. A

    Question PC Restarts While Gaming

    I recently upgraded a few components of my PC, new motherboard, CPU, GPU. Now when I play some games the system will restart occasionally midgame without warning. CPU temps range from 65-80 which I know is high but that shouldn't be causing a restart at the temps as far as I know. Specs below...
  3. Salvatore LaCorte

    [SOLVED] Pc shuts off 10 seconds after booting into windows

    Hello everyone, I decided that I wanted to change my Ryzen 7 stock cooler to the cooler master LC240E. I have completed this and now when I boot into windows I am open for about 10 seconds and when I click the x to close out team manager for word etc, the pc just immediately shuts off. I can’t...
  4. R

    Question How to safely turn off my computer upon first boot

    Hello, So, after finishing my first computer build. My monitor is not displaying anything. The cables I have tried are HDMI to HDMI (multiple different ones) and DVI-D to HDMI. I saw there is a troubleshooting guide for issues such as this, however, I do not know how I should power off my...
  5. Gosraj

    Question PC Randomly Shuts Off, Freezes, or Stops Outputting Video

    This has been happening very occasionally for a while now when I'm just on the internet or playing a low intensity game, but I recently just saw that Destiny 2 is free on Steam, so I picked it up, and now these problems are completely keeping me from playing it. Every time I open it, within like...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Popping noise when powering off

    I had just bought my new ASUSVivobook 15 today and noticed a slight issue, when powering off my PC at the last second there is a decently loud sudden click. No burning smell or overheating found at all and it only makes noise when shutting off. I had seen many other threads talking about high...
  7. R

    Question PSU doesn't turn off when you shutdown windows

    So I just built an inwin A1 with the included 600watt PSU ( will upload photos tomorrow). Everything seems to work except when I shutdown windows 10 the computer doesn't turn off. The power button works to turn it off and on and when you select shutdown the HDMI turns off. However the PSU fan...
  8. W

    Ultrabook for programming

    Hello guys! I am looking for a high-end ultrabook for programming, college use, photo/video editing, some light gaming (KSP), web surfing, etc. The things that matter to me the most is that I am not switching to a new laptop in at least 4 or 5 years. So basically future proofing would be a...
  9. uplink-svk

    MSi GTX 1080 SeaHawk X - flashing BiOS

    Greetings I'm running around my MSi GTX 1080 SeaHawk X and I'm murmurring about it's BiOS, since it's keeping down the voltage and overall performance of my VGA. I already studied up how to work with nvflash64, also did a backup, unlocked and locked my EEPROM [protecton/protectoff], did some...
  10. kol12

    Latest Win 10 build for bootable usb?

    I made a Win 10 bootable a few weeks ago but I think I've heard there's been a newer release. Is it a good idea to re-make my bootable usb?
  11. L

    What 144hz monitor do I want?

    I have a GTX 970 and would like to know the BEST monitor i can get for under £400 I've considered free-sync, G-sync, 24", 27", 1440p, 1080p. Would I lose quality on a 27" at 1080p? What is my best option? I mostly play CS:GO.. but also frequently play Total War: Attila, fallout & racing.
  12. S

    FPS Issue In-Game

    Hello, I recently had a 560 TI GTX 2gb phantom card, and it just crashed a few days ago, so I got sad and baught a new one instantly. I got my 660 GTX 2gb windforce, and it has been very weird since. Since I started playing "CSGO" on my computer, it worked fine with the 560 TI. Then when I...
  13. Mads Haugaard

    Computer Components, Cooling And Looks.

    Hey im 14 years old, and im really into building computers. I really like building and messing around with them. But i really need some advice before "Taking it a step Further." What i wanna reach the point where its starts to get "Unnecessary." To upgrade my Rig even more. What my...
  14. R

    Can This card bump up to 1GHz?

    I've been looking at creating a 280x/FX-8320 build. I'm making it black and red themed, and I like the look of the XFX Black Edition Double Dissipation at ,1GHz but it costs $50 more than the regular Double Dissipation, which has a clock of 850MHz. They both look the same, and I think that they...