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  1. P

    Question Desktop PC powers on only with air conditioner turned on ?

    My desktop pc fails to start (mainly in the morning) after being off for some hours. It only starts if I power on the air conditioner for some minutes. What can be the problem? Additional info (January 17, 2023): I noticed that whenever powered up with the air conditioner on, the clock loses...
  2. SnappyCat7000

    Question 8 Year Old Power Spec PC Having problems with Sudden Shutdowns and Erratic Power on Issues

    I have been having trouble with an 8-year-old(?) Power Spec build. The computer has a Dual core 3.2 GHz Intel Pentium G3258, with a Quadro K2000 inside of it, and I use it for very light gaming, 3D modeling, and YouTube video watching. It also has a MSI z97 pc mate motherboard if that helps...