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    Question Fujitsu beep code

    Hi there. My Fujitsu Lifebook SH560 broke. I turned it on andbit displays nothing. Power indicator is on. Then, it beeps. It's 1 long, 2 short, a pause/break and another 2 short (1-2-2???). The BIOS is Phoenix 1.13. So, I tried removing the CD drive (since it's removable), but something else...
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    PC shuts down when watching video.

    Hello all, Recently I'm having a problem with my PC where when I play a video off the hard drive, it shuts down completely. I haven't gamed on it in a while, but I'm assuming it would do it while gaming also. I saw some threads on here talking about drivers so I made sure those were updated...
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    Feedback on mid-level PC build

    Hi guys! I'm looking to build a new system, as my old got stolen during a LAN last weekend. Please give me feedback and/or improvements. There is a bit of room left in the budget, but I think below build as a good money for value. CPU: AMD fx 8350 CPU cooler: CM hyper 212 evo Mobo: MSI...
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    Asus X79-Deluxe CPU Overheating in BIOS

    New build. Booting into BIOS w/default settings, CPU temp and Fan RPMs will climb until the temperature bar is in the red (shut it down at 75 degrees Celsius). What is weird is that the problem only manifests in the BIOS. Booting into Win7 Pro, temps drop to an average 45 degrees and remain...