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  1. S

    Question Slow boot and flashing ram upon start up after power outage

    Hello, there was a quick power outage while my pc was on. It was connected to a 700J belkin surge protector. Upon powering my system, I noticed the ram flashing white followed by the default rainbow rgb the 4 seconds after. Usually, pressing the power button would instantly light the ram to the...
  2. Mister Lemons

    Question Uninterruptable Power Supply: Supplying 330W on a system that will likely demand 370W

    I feel kinda stupid for not actually researching this further before jumping on a purchase. I recently had a power outage that lasted no more than two literal seconds. My computer came out fine but my old junky server didn't. It was a PSU failure. Luckily, I had a spare. It was that night I...
  3. Bad Sector

    Question Power Outage During Windows 10 Sleep Mode

    Hi Today I experience a power outage for about 15 minutes, my computer was sleep when it occurred and it shutdown improperly. when the power back and I turned it on I leave my room and when I came back face that the computer does not give me video output. I have 3 monitors and all of them was...
  4. simton4

    Question Asus B550-F DRAM Q-LED issue

    Hi, I accidently unplugged PC while it was running and now the DRAM light is stuck on and monitor won't post. I have tried switching the 8gb stick slots once, will try taking out CMOS battery. Do I replace with a seperate battery? Not sure where to proceed as this is a new build. Thanks for any...
  5. CyborgG

    Question A power outage

    So my dad was replacing some lights around the house and when he clipped a wire the power fuse for the whole house turned off and the power went out (he wasn't aware it would happen so he didn't tell anyone what he was doing). During that time my PC was idle and no programs except for Discord...
  6. B

    Question Ups turn off pc even when there is power outage? !

    Ok guys so i have ups fanshine 250v for a year lets say , when there is a power outage , pc turn off even when plugged to ups , than turn on again by itself, it usually takes 1 min to the power to.come.back , so power outage pc turn off and.turn.on again, and ups still turn on , what could be...
  7. P

    Question After power outage, PC wont turn on unless I remove PSU cable

    PC was kept on (idle), when there was a power outage and it turned off as usual. However after power came back, the power indicator of GPU wasn’t on, but my backlit keyboard was glowing just as it should. Trying to turn the PC on as usual, it didn’t turned on and there wasn’t any sign of life...
  8. M

    Question How to prevent BSOD after power outage?

    So a couple of minutes ago, there was a power outage at my house after my father tried to connect some electrical tool in the hal beside my room where my PC is. That resultated in a power outage and my PC was on at that time while I was in the toilet. After I turned it on, I recieved a couple of...
  9. Theo_G

    Question No POST after power outage

    Hello, Today there was a power outage while I was playing and I cannot boot my PC again after that. I just upgraded my motherboard, RAM and cpu last week and it worked fine for a week. When I press the power button, everything seems to work properly, all the fans are spinning except I don't get...
  10. I

    Question Can power outage damage PC hardware?

    Today it was my first time experiencing power outage while my PC was running. I have a UPS and bought it just for this case but sadly it didn't run as expected. I thought power will come back shortly within 1-2 mins but it took almost 15 mins and I was playing Destiny 2 Crucible so I let my PC...
  11. H

    Question Yesterday I had a couple of short power outages due to a storm, and now my keyboard isn't working

    The keyboard is an Anne Pro 2 and is connected using a USB C cable, I tried replacing the cable, replacing the slot it is connected to, tried using the wireless mode, but nothing worked. My PC boots in to Windows and all other components seem to work fine. Did my keyboard fry? Is it totally dead?
  12. X

    Question Freeze on startup after power outage

    Power recently cut off and now my PC freezes during the spinning dots. Starting up in recovery mode only tells me “preparing automatic recovery” and leads to a black screen. My PC was plugged into a surge protector. I’m not sure if it helps, but you can take a look at my post history to see the...
  13. P

    [SOLVED] Sfc /scannow gets stuck at 6%, but a DISM run says nothing is wrong with any files. Is this concerning?

    So basically, after I lost power, my computer was in sleep-mode, and of course, it turned off. I hit the power surge's power switch off, and hit my own PC's power switch off, and waited for electricity to return. Afterwards, I booted up (it looked like it was stuck posting because the monitor...
  14. A

    Question Computer won’t start for 3-9 days after power outage/being unplugged

    So basically every time my power goes out, even for a moment, my computer dies for 3 days to a week. It has always turned back on though. It happens even when the computer is turned off during the outage. It even happened when I accidentally unplugged the sure protector when cleaning. It...
  15. L

    Question Battery backup and impact on connectivity

    Disclaimer: I'm not a tech-head. I wish I were, but I'm not. I know exactly enough to understand that I know almost nothing. With that said, here's my issue. I recently moved to a small beach town in Panama. I am a remote worker, so connectivity is a thing. My speeds are barely enough to...
  16. U

    Question PC restarts when power comes back despite having UPS

    I am facing this issue for months. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17VkbWxa4Pr4kFUT91_GwFEzIc1fAa1M8/view?usp=drivesdk It was fine before, my PC reboots when main power comes back online, it works fine on UPS battery I mean when main power goes off it runs on battery didn't face any restart...
  17. Diawell

    [SOLVED] Problem after power outage

    The electricity went off while playing the game. I turned on the computer after the electricity, but the mouse and keyboard did not work and the screen was black, it says no signal. Mouse and keyboard works fine on different computer. The button light of the computer works, when i plug the...
  18. Tomtomtomy

    [SOLVED] PC won't turn on after power outage

    Yesterday there was a power outage while PC was running. It shut off and won't turn back on. I have tried the paper clip method on the power supply and the fan turns on, so My Guess is that the motherboard is broken. Any way to fix it? Is it broken forever? Please help
  19. M

    [SOLVED] PC won't start after power outage

    Hi, I had this problem 2 times more. After an power outage or if I switch off the power switch in my house, my pc won't boot at all. I checked the psu and it's working, tried to deplete it out off electricity, still nothing, tried taking out battery, still nothing. Last times it came by itself...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] Power Outage fixing HDD health?

    First of all, Hello and sorry for my bad english So, to make it short: My hard drive was at 100% Health and "good" in both Hard disk Sentinel and CrystalDiskInfo until, as usual in my country, i got a power outage, but at the moment of it happening i was saving some stuff i was downloading from...