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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Power Outage fixing HDD health?

    First of all, Hello and sorry for my bad english So, to make it short: My hard drive was at 100% Health and "good" in both Hard disk Sentinel and CrystalDiskInfo until, as usual in my country, i got a power outage, but at the moment of it happening i was saving some stuff i was downloading from...
  2. S

    Question Windows 10 won’t load after power outage

    So I recently had a terrible storm and my power went out. Both my router and computer got damaged, and they were both connected to the same power strip. The router wouldn’t boot so I went and got a new one and it worked just fine. So when my pc boots everything will load until it shows the blue...
  3. A

    Question Monitor shows artifacts for a couple minutes then works perfectly fine.

    I have an AOC AG272FG4 which has started to show artifacts like this and this, the image also becomes choppy and unresponsive but only what it's displayed not the pc itself. It started happening right after a power outage, wires leading up to my house burned, and happens somewhat consistently...
  4. Mihleod

    [SOLVED] Pls help, I am a bit scared

    So, lately in my region I have noticed that little power outages happen for a split second, so fast they can only be noticed because the light flickers, but my pc keeps running no problem. After a bit of research, I understand this happens because there is too much power usage in the region and...
  5. V

    Question Power outage causes potential hardware damages?

    Recently went through a power outage from a storm. Thought nothing of it at first, until while playing rust around 30 minutes - hour afterward I started playing rust. While playing rust I immediately noticed that my game drastically began to underperform, I looked over to gpu tweak 2 and of...
  6. P

    Question PC not turning on after power outage

    Hey. I'm asking for a friend. He had a power outage the other day and now his PC wont turn on anymore. He removed the PSU and held down the power button to release any static in the components. That did not fix his problem. He also tested another PSU that was in another computer in his house...
  7. T

    Question After Power Outage, Internet Don't Work

    Hello, After an outage, my Internet stopped working. When I click the Internet icon, the computer is very slow to load. I cannot ping any website, and no connection is detected. I built the computer long ago and remember nothing except that I didn't allow for Wifi, only a cord. I bought a...
  8. T

    Question Drives sometimes not recognized after power outage.

    The PC I use is my first build, worked perfectly for a couple years now, but recently, after a power outage (which i think was caused by a transformer explosion based on the loud bang outside), Half of the time when I turn my PC on it won't recognize my boot drive, and most of the time when it...
  9. J

    Question Power Supply cord fell out

    I was moving my PC while it was turned on (at the WIndows 10's Login screen) when I heard some electrical charge sounds from the back and the PC fell out. Looking at the back I noticed that I didn't push the power supply cord firmly into the PC socket, so it fell out while I was moving the PC...
  10. E

    [SOLVED] Graphics Card Won't Turn On: PSU Problem? Help Please!

    Hello all, I was playing Apex Legends on my PC when all of a sudden my power cut out. I tried to reboot several times and my PC wouldn't turn on at all. I opened the case and smelled traces of a burn. I unplugged my PSU from everything and then tested it with each component to see what was...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] PC Not Starting - Fans Still Spinning (Power Outage Yesterday)

    Yesterday there was a power outage in my dorm. Restarted my PC (its plugged into a surge protector) and everything seemed to be working as normal. Shut it down when I went to bed. This morning I turned my PC back on and the case fans started spinning, and the graphics card fans started spinning...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] NAS problems

    This is catastrophic and I am freaking out, Removed. I had a 10-second power outage last night, and now my Seagate Business Storage 4TB NAS which contains my entire life and business’ worth of every single imaginable thing seems to have big problems. The fans are running at a super high RPM...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] All Games Suddenly Crash Without Error

    Hey guys so recently out of nowhere all my games have been crashing at some point to the desktop with no error message. So a bit of background info now, so my system is a Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB 3200Mhz RAM, with a good PSU. I overclocked everything in that system and it ran games fine...
  14. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Can I build my pc until my RAM arrives?

    So I ordered some RAM that will arrive this Monday, i have the rest of the parts on hand. Can I build the rest of the system early so when the ram arrives i can just put it in and boot the PC?
  15. S

    Question Ryzen 5 2400G OR Ryzen 5 2500X should I choose as The HEART of Dedicated 1080p60fps streaming pc

    Ryzen 5 2400G OR Ryzen 5 2500X should I choose as The HEART of Dedicated 1080p60fps streaming pc
  16. I

    Question Why is my CPU usage reaching 95+%

    Hi guys i have been having an issue lately where in some games my cpu will sky rocket to almost 100% my system is now - i7 7700k 4.2ghz, EVGA UC gaming RTX 2070, mobo - gigabyte z270p-d3. some games like Anthem, Apex legends, siege, division, Bo4. my cpu will jump above 90% and my gpu will be...
  17. D

    Question Low clarity of music when played with music player.

    Music quality in my phone is destroyed when playing music with music player (eg.google play music). My phone is Nokia 6.1. No problem on YouTube or any other apps. Only music player apps. Music gets very distorted and noisy and very bad. Please help.
  18. AMDynamic

    Question DDR4 timings 15 15 15 35 Vs 14 14 14 34

    Hi, I've set my ram timings in bios to 14 14 14 34 It was 15 15 15 35 as was listed on the Gskill website for this specific model. Originally before I knew about timings etc it was way looser than that but I've not seen any performance difference by setting to 14,34 instead of 15,35 Whats...
  19. patriciu

    Question My games are 4 x 3 full screen

    Hello, I installed windows 7 in the computer and the games are 4 x 3 full screen, when I had windows 10 I could play 16 x 9 in 1280 x 720, now when I apply 1280 x 720 the game is 4 x 3 full screen and with a resolution poor, i want to add that i have updated all the drivers, any help ???
  20. D


    Hello, I'm getting BSOD IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, when I'm using Ableton. I thought this was maybe a hardware issue as I started getting BSOD from time to time since I installed an SSD and a hard drive caddy for a HDD that goes instead of the cd player. I'm on a dell latitude E6410 with windows...