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  1. mwasil

    Question MSI H310M PRO-D Cuts power from wifi or USB 3.1 under heavy load

    Hi everyone, It's my first post so hello all! I'm experiencing a problem supposedly with my MSI H310M PRO-D mobo. before I explain, this is my full sys config: Mobo: MSI H310M PRO-D CPU: Coffe Lake i7 8700 (non-K) GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080ti Turbo OC (blower fan) RAM: 2 x Kingston Predator 16GB...
  2. S

    Question Pc Not powering on,no sound of motherboard,no fan movement

    Hi, my pc crashed while running smoothly. Now while pushing the power button the cpu and gpu fan just tilt a bit then stops. I checked the power supply with paper clip and it's fine. Checked the power button with screwdriver then also same fan tilt. Checked the motherboard from gigabyte it's...
  3. quantran1101

    [SOLVED] Computer keeps turning on and off

    Hi all, I recently built a new PC with: ASRock Z390 Pro4 I5-9600k Gigabyte Nvidia RTX 2070 Phanteks P400s case. Thermaltake 750W PSU. (The full list is in here). I assembled everything, plugged in and everything went well, I can do everything on the computer. However I noticed that the case...
  4. N

    What do do with my Acer Aspire when it comes on and will only show No Rebootable Device?? What does it want me to do??

    My Acer Aspire has lost its mind. When I turned it on it said at f first there was a problem and it needed to restart. Then it said it was diagnosing the problem. Then it said it couldn't self fix it. Now the screen says No Bootable Device and I can't get away from that screen. What does it want...
  5. B

    best and cheap Z370

    which the cheapest Z370 motherboard that's include Enthusiast feature and able to overclock i5 8600k/i7 8700k to 5Ghz ?? is the msi z370 Gaming plus enough for that ? and does it have Enthusiast and better VRM ? because i am thinking to buy i5 8th gen or maybe ryzen 2xxx series
  6. N

    My laptop won't charge always saying until fully charged but no number.

    My levono legion y520 was working great then suddenly the battery indicator was going crazy then after that my laptop won't charge. it was saying until fully charged but it's not charging it's just decreasing and I'm really scared. Could there be a possible fix?
  7. C

    Set up D-Link DSL-2750U as secondary modem but now unable to set a password - please help!!

    Hi, I've just set up a D-Link DSL-2750U to run off a Technicolor TC-7210.dNZ as a secondary modem. It's up and running but I can't find any way to set a password. The D-Link says to go to but this doesn't work, the default is but that's the Technicolor home page, which...
  8. UnknownUser1022

    Previously Working System Freezing/BSOD

    Hello all! So I'm having a bit of an issue with my PC. Everything has worked fine since it was built about 6 months ago. A couple days ago I randomly got a BSOD while playing Skyrim. System then proceeded to freeze while doing even simple things like web browsing sometimes freezing before...
  9. T

    SLI not detected on nvidia control panel

    Hello My build is: ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA 2x GTX 980ti hydro copper i7 4790k I have tested this build a year ago and I had to leave it back home because am going to university, I have got it shipped here, everything seems fine.. the GPUs light up when the PC is running but the second card...
  10. D

    Will this GPU fit on this tower?

    Hello guys will a GIGABYTE GTX 750 Ti 2GB Black Edition fit in a Aerocool V3X Black Edition? Thanks.
  11. A

    Is gtx 970 suitable for 720p ??

    I want to use a gtx 970 on a 1366x768 screen resolution. But does it suitable Will I get good performance ? My cpu is intel i3 3210 3.2ghz And ram is 8gb.
  12. J

    Hard drive stuck on first spins

    I have a hard drive that I often use with a USB to SATA adapter and it worked perfectly until today. Now it gets stuck on the first spins: when I connect it, it makes a spinning noise, then it abruptly stops and starts making the same noise only to stop once again, repeating this process ad...