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  1. Tauras petkevicius

    Hey, im new here

    I was just asking for a little help on this problem, i wanted to play on my ps4 today but i couldn't cause my eizo monitor in stuck in power saving mode and after I've seen many many posts about this problem and trying all the solutions, nothing helped! I've tried different power cable...
  2. DireXDoom

    Question Display goes in power saving mode

    Hello guys. Im having issue with my lg flatron displays i have two of them and when i plug those in my gpu it goes on power saving mode (Flatron W1942s & flatron w2230). i pluged display to my laptop with same dvi to dgmi adapter and it works. i also checked my gpu plugged it to my TV and it...
  3. O

    Question Adjusting i5-10600K clock

    I recently upgraded my old, bottlenecked PC to another bottlenecked PC but it is much better, and I'm saving for some decent GPU. I got an i5-10600k a Z490-A PRO motherboard and an AiO cooler from MSI (MAG CoreLiquid 240R) for future overclocking. The problem is although the CPU is not doing...
  4. Chambomate

    Question E2351 Monitor Stuck in D-SUB Power Saving mode

    I own an E2351 LG Monitor (Flatron) and have happily used it with my Surface pro 4 for 3 months. I connected it with VGA (and vga to Mini DisplayPort for my Surface). The Power cable was playing up yesterday, making the power turn off every 5 minutes, so I had to reposition the cable everytime...
  5. Y

    Bios Password required

    Goodnight, i have a Nextlink notebook that has Linux Os running, i want to put windows 7 on the computer but its not allowing me to do anything as its asking for a password from a blue screen, how do i book from a Usb drive to load windows 7 or remove the password to choose the usb drive in boot...
  6. N

    laptop screen remains blacks after replacing cmos battery

    i replaced the cmos battery and after that the laptop screen is just black . the hdd light doesnt flash
  7. T

    Removing bios password help

    Ive made another thread because i wanted to reinstate that it requires password to go to bios and wont even boot windows now so i was wondering why its not working after i waited half an hour discharged static and took out all plugs into the pc
  8. G

    RAM upgrade no issues????

    Can I literally just open this up and add say 2x8gb ram sticks and put the case back on and job done or will I have to do other things. If so can you recommend ram. I know PSU and CPU are outdated. :-)...
  9. D

    A Faulty Processor?

    Can http://ark.intel.com/products/49024 cause laptop to crash constantly?