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  1. C

    Question After screen turned off for power saving, it turns black immediately when not moving mouse

    Without having made any changes to power settings, whenever my notebook has turned off the screen for saving power, it turns back on with any input - everything normal so far. But right after turning back on, the screen turns to black (not off, just black as the backlight remains on) immediately...
  2. Jiry_XD

    Pc crashes when clicking launch Fortnite

    Hello, people this problem just started happening to me today i will send a photo below this happens whenever i click launch on epicgames launcher Here is the link for the picture https://gyazo.com/a86db0eeb7ee71f30570c99fb3f9e705 Here is the link of my specs...
  3. I

    Memory at around 45-50% idle?

    Hello. I have recently noticed, usually after quitting a game, that my memory stays at around 50% idle, and there is nothing in task manager that seems to be taking up that much. It is having a negative effect on my computer - making it slower and making my games lag. Any help would be...
  4. B

    HWmonitor and Asrock OC Tuner HELP..

    My Hwmonitor detect 33C/90F but my Asrock OC Tuner detect 43c/109F which of these more accurate?