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  1. L

    Question I keep getting micro stuttering and FPS drops

    i7 2600 3.4 ghz 1660 ti Ddr3 16 Gb 1tb hdd I keep getting Microstutters and I’m not sure what it is I’m updating to ddr4 16 Gb soon but I feel that the problem will still be here even if I update to it I just wanna play my games smoothly and I’m not sure why I can’t I watch benchmarks about my...
  2. M

    Question Best options for 1440p on high or better settings for gaming

    I am building a new pc, and starting to purchase parts but have yet to purchase the cpu and gpu. I would like to know what are best parts to to achieve good streaming and podcasting along with excellent gaming at 1440p I’ve heard that I don’t need to invest in a 2080ti and that 2070 paired with...
  3. J

    Question W7 - Programs Keep Crashing

    Hello, for the past few months I've been having awful problems with my web browser crashing. I was thinking it was isolated to that, but recently other programs are crashing also. I've been having games crash, VLC player and any browser I use. Browsers I've tried: Brave (chromium based browser)...
  4. C

    Question Okay So i wanna Over clock my gpu

    I have an HP Omen 870-224 I5-7400 8gb Single channel ram 1tb & 750Gb Hard Drive Gtx 1060 3gb 500 W Power Supply I have installed MSI Afterburner now I just need to know what's best and what not to do obviously don't mess with VOLTAGES
  5. jd3rul

    Question Different Lumion benchmark scores, using similar GPUs ?

    Greets, I got 2 similar GPUs installed on 2 computers. 1x GTX 1050Ti on the first PC and 1x GTX 1050Ti on the second PC (same manufacturer Gigabyte) . Problem: Lumion benchmark shows different GPU score ( not GPU memory) on the PCs. One of it has max GPU score, the other has much less GPU...
  6. K

    Question I'm having a boot loop issue!

    The problem started today when I switched on my PC and after showing the splash screen, it just goes into the BIOS settings. I tried to load the default settings but it didn't work. Plzz help..!! I have an ASUS H97 Pro mobo 8GB Corsair vengeance DDR3 ram 1TB hdd Windows 8.1
  7. sponge_b0b

    Question Computer stick / Mini-PC

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a super small computer (ideally small as a computer stick ) with the following requirements : 3G or 4G support (to be able to put a simcard inside to have mobile network) can run windows 7 , 8.1 Size of storage, ram doesn't matter Display port able to handle...
  8. R

    Question Ordered a 240 hz Acer Monitor, will I get my 240hz with my 1060?

    https://www.amazon.com/Acer-XF250Q-...719&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=240+hz+monitor&th=1 The FreeSync thing is freaking me out as my card is a 1060 and is "G sync", can I still get 240 hz through a display port with my nvidia 1060 even though this monitor is AMD Freesync?
  9. M

    Question about google services!

    Hello, maybe its a dumb question but I hope someone can answer. How is it so that you can use your outlook account to login into google services like youtube and gmail? As I understand it Microsoft and google are separate companies, so how does youtube check your outlook details when you login?
  10. L

    Have i been 'hacked'?

    Recently on Discord there was a message (not copypasta) that said that anyone who downloaded from one specific site has been hacked and i was one of them. Now, they also said that there's a pretty low chance my BIOS is affected and my PC is probably spied. I used antivirus scans and all it...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] what to focus while making gaming pc

    i have gigabyte h18m-s mobo and intel i3 4gen and 450 watt psu and gtx 1030ti and 8 gb ddrr3 ram my frnd is building amd computer with amd ryzen 2020g with a good mobo (idk whichone either asus or gigabyte under 5000rs) and 6 gb ddr4 ram and gtx 1030 I want to ask which is better pc for...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Water pump making a sizzling/crackling sound

    I moved my case around to take out an HDD which required the pc to be on its side. After finishing and booting up I heard a nasty sizzling/crackling sound coming from my aio water pump. I assume it’s air bubbles. Is this normal and will it go away on its own? The pump has been completely quiet...
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Need help with best $2000/high end gaming PC parts list

    Hi Everyone, I need someone to help me build a parts list. My budget is about 2000 dollars. I was planning on getting a GTX 1080 TI, but I don't know what model to get and what brand. I was deciding between an Intel i7 9700K or i9 9900K. Which one is better for gaming? Should a get a AMD Ryzen...
  14. A

    Static Electricity Damage?

    Okayyy funny story, but uhm today my motherboard shipped in asus rog b450 f and it was all cool and sparkly so i just kind of grabbed it and pulled it out of the anti static bag and now im really paranoid i damaged the board, so i was wondering what are the chances the board got damaged? and if...
  15. O

    CPU install help

    can i install a i3 6300 in to a Asus B85M-E a 4th 5th gen mother board
  16. V

    Should I get a 144hz monitor?

    I never saw a 144hz monitor in action, so I don't really know if it's worth the extra money. Many of my friends are saying that the difference is huge compared to a 60hz monitor. I currently have 2 monitors that are both 60hz whilist one is 768p (wall mounted since I have no space on my desk)...
  17. M

    Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVMe SSD not showing up in BIOS

    Hello everyone, I built my own computer for the first time and I am trying to install the OS but my SSD (Samsung 970 Evo M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD Samsung MZ-V7E1T0BW) is not showing up in the BIOS (or during Linux install). I'm guessing it isn't an OS issue since it doesn't appear in the BIOS. My...
  18. M

    Does NF-A15 fit with the Phanteks P300?

    I want to put 3 of them to my case. Here is the link of the fan: https://noctua.at/en/nf-a15-pwm Appreciate all the help. Thanks.
  19. I

    GT730 work on this motherboard and game performance

    Hello, msi geforce gt 730 4GB can work on this motherboard? asus z97 pro gamer? is it can run DX12 games? my local seller shows as DX11 only card but geforce website says Microsoft DirectX 12 is a feature on this card. I also like to know if this GPU can run modern games in low-mid settings? I...
  20. M


    Hello everyone i need some help about which one is better, my CPU is ryzen 5 2600 and i want to get motherboard. I don't know which one of these is better. I was reading all about they and i cant choose. Help me :/