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    Question Wireless power strip

    Hello, Can anyone suggest me a wireless power strip that i can also communicate with from my pc except from the default android app which the company provides? I want to be able to open the sockets from a script that i am about to make and i just want to know if someone else has already tried...
  2. [SOLVED] Did my electric fan kill my RX 570?

    Hi, I have one of those unbranded korean RX 570 cards which I got used in a system that I bought earlier this year. Recently, my PC wouldn't turn on so I had it checked and it turned out that my GPU died and the PC worked fine after they removed it. I got in touch with some guy who said he...
  3. Do cheap power surge protectors work ?

    My old power strip got fried due to a voltage fluctuation . I'm planning to buy a new one. But my question is ..do we really need these so called 'surge protector' power strips for our PC. Do they really work ? or There's no point of these $10-15 power strips , we need to buy expensive ones in...
  4. A

    Question Headphones popping randomly

    My headphones occasionally have periods where random popping sounds with varying volume are heard every 5 seconds or so. The unusual thing is this only seems to happen when I'm on call to my friend. The audio setup is as follows: Laptop which is calling friend has audio out go into a microphone...
  5. 0

    If I have a whole house surge suppressor on my breaker panel how important is a 300v clamping surge suppresser power strip?

    I have a whole house surge suppressor on my breaker panel and I am looking at surge suppresser power strips for the aquariums. Just wondering if I can go with a strip rated at 400v/500v clamp rating?
  6. W

    Black Ops 3 problem

    I just got Black ops 3 and it would open then after the Treyarch intro it would crash. I opened the .DMP file using Windbg X64 but I don't quite understand it. Hopefully one of you guys could help. Here is the report: Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 10.0.15063.137 AMD64 Copyright (c)...
  7. DescentGuy195

    CPU Running Full Speed, 100% CPU Usage in W10

    Greetings, I come to Tom's Hardware to get the advice of you people. I have a Core i7-5820k, running on a MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon, not overclocked, with a 16GB kit of Corsair Vengeance @ 2400MHz. XMP is enabled. Sense yesterday, my CPU's been running hot recently. I thought it had to do...
  8. T

    Is the AMD A10-7850k any good for 2017?

    I am thinking of buying these parts for my build in early 2017 : CPU : AMD A10-7850k 3.7GHz Quad-core processor = £90 Motherboard : Asus A68HM-plus micro ATX FM2+ motherboard = £47 RAM: Patriot viper 3 8gb (2x4GB) DDR3-2133 memory = £46 Storage : Seagate barracuda 1tb 3.5" 7200 rpm internal...
  9. X

    Should i upgrade?

    Right now i got a i5 4210u however its graphics is only 4400 Will it be worth it to go for new cpu for its gpu?
  10. B

    HP 14-b109wm screen no boot problem

    Okay so my problem is I have this HP sleekbook touchscreen its model is 14-b109wm, and the screen is completely broken I can't see anything on it, sobi plugged in my 50" TV via HDMI and tried to boot it up, unfortunately the screen would never come on no matter how many times I tried pressing...