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  1. Karma1328

    Question Planning to buy an RX 580 but idk if my PSU can handle it ?

    i am planning to buy one since that's were my budget is only suitable. specs: MSI B450-M PRO VDH RYZEN 5 3400G 2x8gb 3200mhz aigo warrior ak500 watts psu can my psu handle it?
  2. R

    Question Can anyone suggest me a good ups that runs upto 1-2 hour??

    i will be using for online freelance. i want you to find a good ups at $80 or above..
  3. Y

    Question Is my power supply big enough for my PC.

    I have a Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabite GTX 1060 3gb OC ASUS Prime B450M-A 2x8gb 2400mhz Corsair vengeance memory 1TB Hard Drive, 120gb SSD and a 240gb SSD and for this I have a Corsair CX450 450 W 80 plus bronze rated PSU. Is the power supply big enough or should I buy a bigger one.
  4. Z

    Hitachi Hard Drive Not Recognized

    I have an old Hitachi laptop hard drive that I've been trying to recover data from but my PC won't recognize it. After troubleshooting it says it needs a driver but cannot find it on it's own. The model: IC35L090AVV207-0 Anyone know where I can find the drivers?