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  1. I

    Question can you use two power supply in one pc ?

    hi, can I use two power supply in one PC, like one for the GPU and the other for other parts?
  2. Steve101_

    Question What is this noise my PSU is making?

    Only just noticed this recently, but i also overlocked my 4690k recently too, bumped the volatge to 1.25, but i am not sure if this is related. View: https://youtu.be/RAv-qnh-PPs Is the PSU on the way out?
  3. M

    Question what powersupply to buy

    So i have an RM850x, lots of trouble with it (as far as i know) and im thinking about switching to another brand/type psu Specs> i7-9700k (Future OC?) Aorus Master RTX SUPER Gaming X TRIO 2x8 GB Vengeance RGB RAM 3200mhz 2xSSD 850/860 EVO (i can provide more info if needed, cant think of...
  4. F

    Question Power Supply buzzing when connected to one circuit but not the other?

    Pre-knowledge: I am 20, still living with my parents so my ears may be able to hear higher frequencies. My power supply is a Corsair CX650M. I bought the unit from Micro Center. My power supply has started to buzz somewhat loudly and consistently (bought and set up in January 2019. Issue...