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  1. MaskedVillian1312

    [SOLVED] Cant figure out how many watts I have left available (help is much appreciated)

    Fairly new to this community and semi-new to gaming pc’s and such. The issue im facing is, I dont know how many watts I have left available. Im trying to upgrade some hardware in my machine and cant seem to figure out if I indeed can. Specs- Hard drives: 500GB 2TB Motherboard: ATX STRIX CPU: AMD...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Is it enough power?

    So I used Outervision's PSU Calculator and it says I need at least a 750w PSU because the load is 704w. I only put the game and time of using like 8 hours a day. Is it really necessary tho? Only casual use and a bit of gaming like AC, LoL, Rocket League etc... MSI Afterburner never exceeds the...
  3. R

    Question Can anyone suggest me a good ups that runs upto 1-2 hour??

    i will be using for online freelance. i want you to find a good ups at $80 or above..
  4. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] how much watts this pc build require?

    im planning to build a pc soon i don’t know mow much will it need to power the spec im planning are: i3 8100 or (i3 9100f ***) gigabyte rx 570 4gb *** gigabyte b360m aorus pro samsung 850 evo or crucial mx500 250gb hyper x fury 8gb /16gb 2666 mhz Ram (1 stick) *** may not be included in the...
  5. C

    Question Which power supply is best on budget?

    Hello Guys! I am thinking to build a VR PC with the below mentioned components: Link to Amazon list: https://www.amazon.in/hz/wishlist/ls/1RQA43C13M3CF?ref_=wl_share Please let me knoww the best powersupply on budget for this build. please make sure that this is a VR PC Build and i use Oculus...
  6. extreme_noob

    [SOLVED] Is my current PSU adequate?

    I am about to build my first PC and I purchased an evga 650W G3 (80+ gold rating), but some PSU wattage calculators say that this is the bare minimum. Should I have gotten a 750W psu? I don't plan on doing any major OC for the cpu. Here is the list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/sNWL6s The...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Can I use the Corsair V450 450w for this build?

    My specs are: 2x4gb DDR3 RAM i5 3570 (non k) GTX 960 1TB 7200 rpm HDD (Blue) 4x120mm fans