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    Question Computer has been rebooting randomly while playing games.

    Hi Everyone. Sorry in advance for the massive wall of text. Here are my computer specs to start: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit CPU: Intel i5-9600K 3.70GHz GPU: Geforce RTX 2070-Super (MSI) Mobo: ASUS Prime B360M-A PSU: Corsair RM650x RAM: 16GB of Crucial Ballistix (Also another 16GB of the same...
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    Question Pc turning on but no display?

    Well it may be a long post but I'll try to explain everything So i have a pc having amd fx 8150 , msi 970 gaming motherboard , cooler master hyper 212x cooler ,corsair value select ram 2x4gb , gpu gt 210 ( my r9 270x dead a while ago ) , crucial 500gb p1 ssd by pcie adapter and cooler master...
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    [SOLVED] Computer problems (ASUS B365M)

    Hi All! A few months ago made a setup based on the Asus B365M motherboard. Everything was fine until yesterday, I've got power line problems when PC was on. After the power got back, I tried to start my desktop but was unlucky. I got the following problems now: LEDs on the motherboard are on...
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    Best Rig For Programming (Windows Application)

    Can anyone suggest me the best rig for programming (Windows Application) and would i7 6700k would be a good choice for it?
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    can mobo fit in case

    can the GA-78LMT-USB3 be set in side the the Thermaltake V3 Black AMD Edition VL800P1W2N Black / Red SECC / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ??? help please . i heard some people had trouble getting it to fit.