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    Question Power supply making weird buzzing/hissing noise

    Hello Recently i'v started to notice my power supply making a weird buzzing/hissing noise. I recently purchased a new graphics card, and about three weeks after using it, my power supply starts making this weird noise. I think the noise only happens when i'm playing intense games, Battlefield...
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    Question PSU making weird noise when under load

    Hello, so about a week ago I purchased components for my new PC. (Evga RTX 2080 XC, intel i7 8700k, MSI MPG Z390M, 16gb DDR4 3200, samsung m.2 9z0plus) I reused my practically new CPU cooler (Seidon 120V2) and about a year and a half old PSU (Corsair HX750 Platinum) and a couple hard drives and...