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  1. X

    Question GPU power connectors making crackling noises mainly during boot — PSU fault or something else?

    Hi everyone, When I turn my PC on it briefly spins up my fans and right before they stop I consistently hear a crackling noise coming from around the PCIe power-pin connections. This is not the only time it happens, but it is the most reliable and consistent way to observe the issue. I’ve...
  2. atharvkayde

    Help for overclocking Intel Q6600 with Intel DG31PR motherboard!!

    Hi guys, I seriously need help overclocking the Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz to 3.0/3.2Ghz with a Intel DG31Pr motherboard. :??: I have already googled a lot but havent found any instructions to overclock using my the Intel DG31PR motherboard. :( I even checked my BIOS, but it only gave me the specs of my...