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  1. N

    Question Suggest some good budget power supply

    plz suggest some Good Budget power supply for my old pc..(550-700watt) my budget is max 10k INR...but it is good if u get reliable PSU in less than 10k.....my old PSU is Corsair VS550....and i am facing some issues after 2 years so i want to change it with good one.i am frim India my Rig Ryzen...
  2. A

    Question How do i calculate how strong my psu needs to be?

    Graphic cards have certain requirements, but, i assume so do other components. Do i use the sum of these requirements?
  3. I

    [SOLVED] Crackling Noise From PSU

    Hi! So a couple of months ago I accidentally pulled on the power cable of the PC Tower and ever since I've been hearing this crackling noise coming from the PSU. I've already had a problem about the computer not staying on for more than 15 mins at most before this happened. Now, I'm just...
  4. C

    Question I have to turn my computer on by switching the psu on and off. It runs for a couple seconds then beeps and turns off.

    It runs for around 3 seconds, all the fans and lights turn on, but as it is on there's just a long beep. Then it turns off. And to turn it back on I have to unplug and plug it back in.
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Need Help Picking a New Power Supply Unit for a Pre-built CyberPowerPC

    EDIT #2: Updated with more information Specs: Motherboard: ASUSTeK SATA 6Gb/s DDR4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6-core processor GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 RAM: Single 8gb XPG ADATA DDR4 stick Storage: 1 TB Hard Drive PSU: Thermaltake 500W 80+ Cooling: Deep Cool brand fan mounted on the mobo that came...
  6. P

    F12 button won’t turn off

    Hi! My f12 button has turned orange and won’t let me connect to the internet. I’ve been on several forums and nothing I’ve tried or read is working. I’ve tried going in to the network adapter but nothing is happening, I’ve took the power cable out of my computer and restarted it. I just have...
  7. R

    I'm getting much lower performance compared to others when using a GTX 1060 3GB and an AMD-FX-8350.

    My specifications: GTX 1060 3GB AMD-FX-8350 (Black Edition) Windows 10 (64 bit) MSI Gaming 970 motherboard 500 watt EVGA power supply 1 TB HDD, with a 250GB SSD for games ----------------------------------------- When playing games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PAYDAY 2, and GTA V, my...
  8. A

    Is the old-type PCI slot still useful?

    Hi, I don't have many expansion slots in my old HP Compaq 8200 Elite MT PC. The only vacant slot left is an old style PCI slot: I realize that the old PCI interface is slower than PCI-e, but can it still be put to good use for anything interesting/worthwile? TIA!
  9. VGM8Richard

    Speakers not working after headphones plugged in

    Hi so I have a dumb issue that probably isn't that hard but the fixes I've tried didn't work. I used my headphones and when I unplugged them no sound came out of my speakers anymore. I tried rebooting, plugging headphones back in and out a couple of times, reinstalled audio drivers, checked...
  10. T

    Ram compatibility with mobo

    Hey everyone im thinking of upgrading my ram. My current ram is 8GB 1600Mhz CL9, processor is i7-4790 and motherboard is msi z97 gaming 5. I will but this...
  11. Eliapple

    Stuck at at manufacturer logo unless CMOS reset.

    I was just out and about one day and my computer was asleep. I come home to the manufacturer logo. I wait a bit. Still on. Look through the internet, nothing helps. I can't get into BIOS setting or F12 or anything. I try CMOS reset. Nope. I unplug SATA, do a CMOS reset, then still doesn't work...
  12. R

    Fps drops on laptop

    When I first got my computor it was running at 100 frames now 6 months later it runs at 45-60. Any fixes Specs Dell inspiron gaming edition 15 6300 nvidia 960 4gb 8gb of ram 1tb hard drive
  13. M

    CPU 5820k overclocked to 4ghz getting to 60-70 degrees Celsius at full load with Corsair H110GTX

    Hello, are these normal temps for a overclocked to 4.0ghz 5820k CPU at load on a H110GTX? My idle temps are anywhere from 31-37 degrees and I don't remember it ever getting above 60 on load but now on Shadow Warrior 2 they hit 72 degrees Celsius. It just hit 90 degrees Celsius in OCCT at 100%...
  14. C

    Black screen after installing video drivers.

    So i got this ASUS 7850 DirectCU II from a friend. problem is after video drivers are installed the screen goes black after Starting Windows. I can start at safe mode go to bios and all that just fine. It seem i have found the issue but dont know how to fix it. when i disable display adaper of...
  15. J

    Is the Gigabyte GTX 970 4GB compatible with Intel DH61WW?

    Is this graphic card compatible with my motherboard DH61WW? Im not sure because this graphic card is longer than others... My mobo is micro-atx. Please I need help! Graphic card: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5209#ov Mobo...
  16. P

    Gigabyte 970 xtreme edition with 450w psu

    Hello, my present cpu spec, 1. Intel core i5 4460 2. Asus H81m-c motherboard 3. Adata 4x2GB DDR3 4. WD 1TB 5. Asus strix 960 2GB 6. psu- Thermaltake TR2 450w 80+ bronze. Well, i want to buy the gigabyte 970 xtreme edition. I saw many people use 450w psu for various 970. I have no plan to...
  17. O

    will something show on display if a pc with no cpu is turned on?

    On a desktop the psu and likely the cpu were damaged. I got a new psu. When I turn on the computer, the psu fan and cpu fan start. Nothing shows on the display. Pressing the on button does not turn off the computer. If I remove the cpu and turn on the computer I get the same result. Will a...
  18. V

    COMPAQ Evo N115

    Belonged to my son who 'found it' under his bed. Said I could have it. When switching on at the wall, the green plug lamp lights, and the battery light flashes orange about once a second or so. Pressing the Power On button does nothing I've left it in this state overnight with no difference. Any...
  19. M

    Is there any way to spoof USB pen drive as my android phone storage?

    My office laptop has encryption and it encrypts everything. Its real pain in the a to transfer movies and songs and other thing(:p) to my personal computer and office laptop. Decrypting a movies of modest size take 45 mins!
  20. S

    Login screen takes too much time after upgrading to windows 10

    I recently upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10, the boot was speeding in the windows 8 but after upgrading, the speed has become a minute plus. Most of the time is spent on the welcome screen, the dots just keep going round an d round. I have no start up programmes and even did a virus scan...