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  1. J

    Question PSU problem, or something else?

    The Problem: My computer started to randomly shut down/restart and I would get the famous "Power supply surges detected during the previous power on. Asus Anti-Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit!". After trying a few things that I listed below, I actually...
  2. steveRoll

    Question "Power surge detected" every time when powering on

    My mom's computer worked fine for almost 5 years now, but one day it just suddenly turned off. When we tried powering it on again, we got this message: After that, when booting to Windows, the PC would stay on for about 10 minutes before powering off again. Then, pressing the power button...
  3. pastel_x

    [SOLVED] Is it harmful to flip the Power Supply switch off after I shut down my PC?

    I've heard that's an overkill to flip the physical switch on PSU. But I live in storm prone area, so I'm concerned about lightning strikes. Am i wearing out capacitors inside PSU by flipping the switch? (After shutdown) Should I just leave it on or flip the switch? PSU - Seasonic Focus Gold...
  4. A

    Question Faulty/damaged component causing freezing question.

    Good afternoon, I have had an issue for a while now where my computer will randomly freeze for around 10 seconds. Following this, some things might break, like a video player that was going, and sometimes nothing will happen. There are also times, after the freeze, where both my monitors...
  5. Jordan1503

    Question No post issue after power outage

    Trying to get to the bottom of what is wrong with a friends desktop, from what he's told me it won't turn on after a power surge, 2 capacitors have blown off from the Fans/Front panel controller but everything else appears to be intact. Only having the CPU and Mobo power cables connected it...
  6. D

    Question How to troubleshoot a system randomly restarting?

    Sorry If This is in the wrong category , i wasnt sure where to put it. Hi My Pc Keeps Randomly Restarting After a weird power thing(my power kept turning on and off for about 5 minutes) 2 months ago . It used to be once a day but it has been slowly progressing to the point where it has become...
  7. Dylantan5187

    Question ASUS Power Surge Protected

    Guys, how's the ASUS power surge protected feature active? I just upgraded my PC board to ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING, when I powered on the PC, it's will turn on for few seconds and turn off. After few second will turn on automatically and get into windows.
  8. O

    Question Instant Power Loss and Shutdown. Power surge?

    Hello, I have a gaming laptop (ORIGIN EON-17X) purchased in 2016, but within the last week I have twice experienced a total and instantaneous shutdown/loss of power even though the battery is full and it is plugged into AC power. There is no shutdown sequence it just instantly stops...
  9. ThunDagaFlare

    [SOLVED] Failing PSU?

    Yesterday my 10 year old cord extension with surge protection made an electric arc sound and straight up turned off with my whole system, turned it back on and it didn't light up, neither did my computer turn on. I took it apart and didn't find anything wrong with it, i changed it to one with...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] New PSU also failing?

    Hi all, I recently had some issues that seemed to be related to my PSU. I couldnt find any other suspicious problems such as overheating or failing memory or CPU. The problem was that my PC would randomly get a black screen and kind of shut down. But the computer and fans would still be...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] USB Surge, does this break my mouse?

    I have a very bad computer, and I got a new mouse. When I plugged it in I had a USB Surge, does this break my mouse? Thanks for your time.
  12. Z

    Question [Power surge] Energy being stored in the PSU after shutdown?

    Ok so this is my first thread so sorry for any mistakes and for my bad grammar. So I have completed my first build. For PSU I chosen Corsair vs550 550w 80 plus bronze. Last night after playing some games and stuff I shut down my rig, turned off the PSU switch then turned off the ups and finally...
  13. aranorde

    Question PC Didn't turn On when UPS is connected to a specific wall power outlet ( well, for a while).

    I'm confused. I have my PC/Monitor connected to a 650VA UPS and that UPS is connected to a power-strip and that power-strip is connected to the wall outlet-(A). Today morning I turned on my PC, didn't boot up. No fan-spin, no light... nothing. BUT my UPS POWERED MY MONITOR JUST FINE AS USUAL...
  14. [SOLVED] Did my electric fan kill my RX 570?

    Hi, I have one of those unbranded korean RX 570 cards which I got used in a system that I bought earlier this year. Recently, my PC wouldn't turn on so I had it checked and it turned out that my GPU died and the PC worked fine after they removed it. I got in touch with some guy who said he...
  15. Gatimoro

    [SOLVED] What causes my power surges and is they can damage my graphics card

    I've just installed my new graphics card and everything was working fine, with impressive resoults in 4k, but then my pc suddenly turned off. The asus anti-surge system was triggered. This happened to me about 4 or 5 times and always happens while gaming. I tried limiting the voltage usage of...
  16. buggaby

    Question Curved monitor broken - causes?

    So I went away on vacation for a few days came back to a monitor that doesn't work. It sat plugged in to the mains, but unplugged from any computer. Here's a pic with the monitor unplugged from a PC (but powered on): View: https://imgur.com/a/hmL2iqA Could this be a power surge issue? I know...
  17. OilPirate

    Question PC crashes when playing games / Asus Anti Power Surge

    For the last week since I have been playing games on my pc my computer has been crashing and popping up with the message ASUS ANTI POWER SURGE ACTIVATED. Lots of forum posts had been saying that I should update my bios and that should hopefully fix it however, this only stopped the pc from...
  18. S

    Question External hard drive wont show up anymore

    I have a 2 tb toshiba canvio hard drive that I bought a couple of months ago that was working fine. I recently lent it to a friend of mine because he was having issues with his macbook and apple support said he needed some extra space to do whatever it was he needed to do. Well when I got back...
  19. J

    Question Power Surge Through Aux Cable

    I was trying to set up some large speakers that required the use of an amplifier (similar to this: https://www.altomusic.com/qsc-gx3-stereo-power-amplifier-gx3?entity=1611&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI946-iLWC4wIVx_7jBx2wMAwSEAQYASABEgLahfD_BwE ). There was a pop sound in the speakers, and now my aux port...
  20. AtNvme

    [SOLVED] Power Surges detected shutdowns (ASUS Z97)

    Hi, Now 3½ years ago, I built my PC. It always ran smoothly, except for a few times where it would freeze on shutdown (I believe this was due to some sort of compatibility issue with my Anti-Malware, which I have since fixed and haven't seen more of). A few days ago, I had my first ASUS Power...