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  1. [SOLVED] Did my electric fan kill my RX 570?

    Hi, I have one of those unbranded korean RX 570 cards which I got used in a system that I bought earlier this year. Recently, my PC wouldn't turn on so I had it checked and it turned out that my GPU died and the PC worked fine after they removed it. I got in touch with some guy who said he...
  2. Gatimoro

    [SOLVED] What causes my power surges and is they can damage my graphics card

    I've just installed my new graphics card and everything was working fine, with impressive resoults in 4k, but then my pc suddenly turned off. The asus anti-surge system was triggered. This happened to me about 4 or 5 times and always happens while gaming. I tried limiting the voltage usage of...
  3. buggaby

    Question Curved monitor broken - causes?

    So I went away on vacation for a few days came back to a monitor that doesn't work. It sat plugged in to the mains, but unplugged from any computer. Here's a pic with the monitor unplugged from a PC (but powered on): View: https://imgur.com/a/hmL2iqA Could this be a power surge issue? I know...
  4. OilPirate

    Question PC crashes when playing games / Asus Anti Power Surge

    For the last week since I have been playing games on my pc my computer has been crashing and popping up with the message ASUS ANTI POWER SURGE ACTIVATED. Lots of forum posts had been saying that I should update my bios and that should hopefully fix it however, this only stopped the pc from...
  5. S

    Question External hard drive wont show up anymore

    I have a 2 tb toshiba canvio hard drive that I bought a couple of months ago that was working fine. I recently lent it to a friend of mine because he was having issues with his macbook and apple support said he needed some extra space to do whatever it was he needed to do. Well when I got back...
  6. PremSankalp

    Question Powers surge problems and few more things related.

    So my computer earlier had Intel Core 2 duo E5300 processor and motherboard was of Company name Consistent. So in order to upgrade it to intel i3 3210 I managed to get a motherboard Foxin I changed the motherboard now I placed my i3 3210 in it. When I turned it on it didn't start up. I...
  7. J

    Question Power Surge Through Aux Cable

    I was trying to set up some large speakers that required the use of an amplifier (similar to this: https://www.altomusic.com/qsc-gx3-stereo-power-amplifier-gx3?entity=1611&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI946-iLWC4wIVx_7jBx2wMAwSEAQYASABEgLahfD_BwE ). There was a pop sound in the speakers, and now my aux port...
  8. AtNvme

    Question Power Surges detected shutdowns (ASUS Z97)

    Hi, Now 3½ years ago, I built my PC. It always ran smoothly, except for a few times where it would freeze on shutdown (I believe this was due to some sort of compatibility issue with my Anti-Malware, which I have since fixed and haven't seen more of). A few days ago, I had my first ASUS Power...
  9. A

    Question PC Suffered a Power Surge - New Build -Assistance appreciated

    So heres the short story. A few weeks ago my pc suffered a power surge. I bought a new power supply but it stil didn't work. I took it to a repair shop to get the problem diagnosed and the components tested. The diagnosis was as follows: CPU - Untested (he didn't have a suitable motherboard)...
  10. T

    Question Gamepad gives error after connecting (Power surge on the USB port)

    I bought a new gamepad ( Speedlink strike NX), and i have used it for around 2 weeks. One day i connected it to my laptop and had error saying that Unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. I went to the place where i bought because I still had warranty , guy connects gamepad...
  11. M

    Question Question about starting fresh with a new Google account and associated apps and software (Chrome, Play Music, Drive, etc.) after resetting PC

    When I am finished with graduate school, my intention is to close my current Google account and start completely fresh with a new Google account. With the number of programs and files that I have added and/or changed over the years during my attendance in graduate school, I also plan to reset...
  12. D

    Question Upgraded to 6700k

    Hello toms hardware forum. I have a problem with bought 6700k. I bought an nzxt h500 case so i decided to buy aswell a new cpu. Bought it second hand from a lad that tested it 3 days before he handed over to me (well atleast he said that), he was selling his pc part components and I can see from...
  13. B

    Question New PC fails to start up, any suggestions much appreciated

    Hey guys, Just built a PC from brand new components and it fails to boot up. Here is what I experience: PC powers on, CPU fan boosts, CPU fan throttles, CPU fan boosts, CPU fan throttles, repeats this process a few times, then PC powers off, then PC restarts and this repeats indefinitely. No...
  14. A

    Question How do I restore a long lost Minecraft world

    So I had this world which is very dear to me that I lost back in 1.2.5, It was made on another PC and I lost it there. Even though I think it is impossible to get it back, was just wondering if there is some way. If it is possible please tell me how. This is a very dear world to me and I put a...
  15. JeroenV

    Question What part of my previously working PC is dead?

    I have a question for you guys. I put together my own PC about 5 years ago and was working perfectly fine. But while playing a game last week I got a BSOD. When trying to start up the PC the next day it wouldn't boot up. After trying to boot up a few times I managed to get it running again...
  16. Question CPU Heatsink screw tilted / bent

    Alright, so here's the issue. The ONE SCREW does not align correctly. I believe this is because the Ryzen 5 heatsink may be defective. Is it defective like I think, or is there an easier way to fix this? All the other ones went in straight.
  17. D

    Headset's microphone doesn't work

    My new gaming headset's microphone doesn't work. Just bought a Redragon Lagopasmutus> it came in a normal package> its own package was a little bent on a corner(nothing big tho, might've been a little mistake)>I want to use it for a Laptop ASUS X555LB W10>bought a splitter for the new...
  18. M

    Optiplex 780 Sff is there a way to run 1600mhz ram?

    Hey guys i was wondering if theres a possibility to make 8x2gbs of ddr3 1600 ram work with A15 bios? currently i have 4x2gbs of ddr3 1066mhz.
  19. A

    Computer running slow

    My system seems to be running extremely slow even though my specs should beg to differ. Specs: i7 4770k, GTX 1070, 16gb dominator platinum, 128gb ssd, 250gb hard drive, and 1tb hard drive. Can you help me diagnose the issue it is having I completely wiped and reinstalled windows and it still...
  20. K

    Nvidia driver problem?Please help!

    Hey.I connected my pc with 4k tv but i cannot change resolution to 2k in game and even in windows.doesnt have options anywhere.And i dont have nvidia control panel to put custom resolution, i dont know why.all drivers are updated.Can somebody please help? GTX 1070 WIN 10 x64