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  1. T

    Question Desktop dead after power-outage, PSU replacement didn't fix

    At this point after buying a new PSU and it still not working I am hesitant to just go buying more parts in a guess that that's the issue. Are there any tests I can do for each individual part? I have access to a friend's PC that I can plug in each part into to see if it is functional. Is it...
  2. AtNvme

    Question Power Surges detected shutdowns (ASUS Z97)

    Hi, Now 3½ years ago, I built my PC. It always ran smoothly, except for a few times where it would freeze on shutdown (I believe this was due to some sort of compatibility issue with my Anti-Malware, which I have since fixed and haven't seen more of). A few days ago, I had my first ASUS Power...