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  1. B

    Question How to view total system watt usage

    I'm trying to see what my watt usage for my entire system currently and wondering if there was an easy way to see an estimate of this. I've read a couple posts about viewing this with HWiNFO64 but the posts were a bit confusing to me and still not 100 percent clear on how to estimate total...
  2. J

    Question Do i have enough power for two gpus?

    Hi, I want to do a bit of ether mining on the side, but not sure if my pc can handle the cards. My power supply is gold certified 700w. i currently have an rtx 2060 but i was wondering if i could also add like Ti card in there. or a low power usage one to boost my MHs Any ideas?
  3. LordMikeus

    [SOLVED] Noticing lag in games I suspect is due to Very High Power Usage

    Hello wise people. I've been noticing lag in some of my games as of late. Even some I wouldn't expect to be too intense. I've noticed it most on WoW and on Call of Cthulu just tonight (Limited to 60fps as I try to stream it). I have graphics kind of high I guess but due to nothing seeming to be...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] VERY HIGH POWER USAGE - RARE PROBLEM - Application using more power supply than it normally should?

    As I have been looking to find my problem I have seen a few cases of people having a game uses a lot of power and the game lags because of it including some that are very good pcs. ex. ( https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/very-high-power-usage-windows-10-help-fix.3543186/ ) I have a 500W...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] SSD with Lowest Power Usage.

    I'm putting in a SATA SSD in my laptop and I wanted to know what SSD has the lowest power usage so I can increase my battey life. It uses a 2.5 SATA SSD. I have been looking around but there isn't really a good comparison of the power usage of different SSDs. From what I have found so far it...
  6. O

    [SOLVED] could i run a 75 watt graphics card on a 50 watt motherboard slot

    my motherboard slot only supplies 50 watts to the gpu. Could I use a 75 watt gpu like a gtx 1050 ti low profile or a gtx 1650 low profile if I used a cable to connect it to the power supply.
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Power usage trend potentially causing freezing with some games?

    Some (not all, weirdly enough) games are freezing and I have a feeling it has something to do with my PSU. I am noticing that power usage trend is always very high when running Street Fighter V, one of two games that freeze often, but not sure what that means. Maybe I bought a PSU that is not...
  8. XxGOAT69xX

    Question Power supply usage high?

    1070 gigabyte gaming G1 8gb asrock fatal1ty gaming K4 motherboard intel i7 7700 processor corsair TX650M power supply 16 GB hyperX RAM 860 evo samsung SSD 3 fans 2 are the ones which come with s340 NZXT case and one is corsair LL120 Hey, so my power supply % on MSI afterburner goes from...
  9. mckevstah

    Is it worth buying and OCing a Korean monitor? (PLS)

    So it's time to upgrade my monitor. I bought an AOC monitor 2 or 3 years ago, Always had issues with screen tearing, and ever since i got it, my gaming skills have gone way down. And i just want on this http://frames-per-second.appspot.com Mine is supposed to be 60fps, and when i play it on my...