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  1. Kendry

    Question My monitor suddenly stopped working ?

    - AOC CQ27G2U So today in the morning when I first started my computer it went into windows update straight away, after few restarts my main monitor did not post. So I booted PC to Bios and it posted. Was happy that it wasn't GPU. Next thing I tried was switching from DisplayPort to HDMI cable...
  2. drixxx

    [SOLVED] can i plug a power cable 13a/250v to a psu with 10a/250v?

    i bought a psu 650watts but it doesnt include power cable..i have an old one, ive checked the volts and shows 13a 250 ... it is possible to use it on my new psu 10a 250? thanks
  3. H

    Question SSD Power Cable

    Hello, I recently purchased a Western Digital WDS500G2B0A WD Blue 3D NAND Internal SSD 2.5 Inch SATA, 500 GB but don't think i have any spare power cables for the SSD. I have a spare CD drive one which has 8 cables going into the back of it however they normally have 4 in the back for the SSD...
  4. P

    Question 2 old switches need new power adapter

    hello i recently found 2 older switches without the powercable and i want to buy new ones. on the back it says: 100-127/200-240v 1.0A/0.5A 50-60hz the other one: 100-127v 0.75 A ( 0.75 A) 200-240v - 0.4A ( 0,4 A) thanks