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    [SOLVED] Upgrading dell poweredge r620

    I bought an used r620 from ebay that came with two e5-2609s. I also purchased 2 e5-2670s for a CPU upgrade. Is this a mistake? e5-2670s output much more heat and require more power. Are the PSU and cooling system of r620 powerful enough to support 2 e5-2670s?
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    Question Dell R710 3 pin fan power

    I have a Dell Poweredge R710, that has no traditional power hookups and need to get either 4 3 pin fan power to it or 1 3 pin power and one molex power, USB does not provide enough power, si there any way I could get it through PCIE slot or other methods? trying to watercool and need to connect...
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    Question Dell PowerEdge SC1430 Graphics card compatibility

    So, to make things clear... there's not much information on this server's GPU compaibility. It's picky about video cards, it's locked in the BIOS, however it supports some of them. If anyone knows additional ones, please let me know. Here's the list: These are the ones I haven't tried, but I...
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    Question will you see bezels inside HTC Vive ?

    So I just ordered my HTC VIVE I will be getting in by March 20th and I was wondering if you wear the headset will you notice bezels around your view ? Is it annoying ? Will it affect your gameplay? Thank you!
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    How to boot after deleting uefi partifion on hp Envy X2

    Product Name: Envy x2 (HP Envy 11-g010nr ) Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit) Hello everyone, I want to install Linux on my Enxy X2 (HP Envy 11-g010nr )and I have tried everything. However, due to some incompatibilities it's practically impossible to achieve.I though it would be...
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    how do i un install windows 7

    How do i uninstall windows 7?
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    VGA to HDMI

    I need to switch my monitor from using VGA to HDMI. It is one monitor, not two. Currently, it is using the VGA port. I want it to use the HDMI port. Unplugging the VGA and plugging in the HDMI cord does not work. It will be black until the VGA is plugged back in. The monitor port and the HDMI...