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  1. Zhaddeus

    Question Is this gaming set-up okay? Are the components compatible to each other? (Also looking for a good but not that expensive power supply. thanks)

  2. H

    Question Possible power supply or motherboard problem?

    Hello, since I built my pc I have a very annoying problem. It happens randomly, I'm messing with the browser or playing games and suddenly the windows are super slow, everything crashes and after a few seconds the screen goes out. After that the video card starts to flash a white light...
  3. Mr.NJ

    Question Computer automatically restart on HDD but not on portable OS ?

    can you please suggest me what to do ?
  4. sunwookim

    Question vega 56 insufficient power?

    Hi. I just bought a XFX Vega 56 with 2 fans and connected to motherboard. It boots up(windows bootup sound on speaker), but there are no signals on monitor. I suppose that the problem maybe insufficient power; gpu requires 2x 8pin pci power, but I connected it to 1x 8pin + 1x 6pin (daisy...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] PSU Problems, please help me

    I recently bought a Rx 5700 xt and matching it with my old i5 6600k. The PSU I have right now doesn't have a 8 pin connector and only has a 6 pin, which I think it's causing the HDMI to have no signal because it can't power the GPU. Should I buy a new PSU or get adapters or something. Also...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Is this power suppy decent enough?

    I wanted to ask you guys because i dont know much about psu’s... i can delete the post if im doing something against sites policies... but i really wanna know will this psu be good enough for my pc? I got a gtx 1050ti and i5 2400 16gb ram.... also i am planning to upgrade some of those parts...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Is my PSU dying?

    Whenever i turn on my pc the psu fan sounds like its hitting something, but after the pc is running for like 5minutes , the spunds disappears..:/ can any1 help me with this problem? Also the temperatures are NOT high or anything they seem to be perfect. SRRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH.
  8. A

    Question Corsair Vs 450 or Thermaltake Lite power 650

    I have an old system with the following specs : Core i5 3470, Intel Motherboard DZSL77-50k, Corsair Vengeance Ram 8gb, a GTX 1050ti requiring 6pin power also, and 3 sata hardrives. Currently in my budget I can get only the two supplies mentioned in the title. Please guide me which one should I buy?
  9. G

    Question Will my power supplie be fine when building this setup?

    Hello, Currently I have a cooler-master-b600-ver2 as my psu, And I am gonna change almost all of my components. Specs: Cpu: ryzen 5 2600 Gpu: saphire vega 56 Mobo: msi x470 gaming plus 2 solid states drives from crucial. The mx500 versions. Will my PSU be fine or do I need to upgrade it to...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Is a be quiet! System Power B8 550W will be enough for my new GPU?

    So I am upgrading my GPU from a Asus RoG strix 1060 6gb to a RX 5700 and I was wondering if my PSU will be enough or not. The rest of my System: CPU: R5 2600 (not oc) RAM:2x8 3200mhz G.Skill Trident Z MOBO: AsRock B450 Pro4 1x SSD 2.5 120GB 1x 7200Rpm 1TB HDD 1x5400Rpm 500GB HDD 6x120mm Fans+1...
  11. ThyGlitchTitan

    Question PC isn't booting, lights blink, then turns off and won't come back on. Dead PSU?

    PC specs: Intel Xeon X5650 cpu, Intel DX58SO mobo, 8gb ddr3 1333, Msi GTX 1050 Ti gpu, EVGA 600w 80+ White PSU; So my computer randomly started having this issue, it wont boot, it wont even post, the only thing it would do is turn on for about a quarter of a second, the fans and lights would...
  12. C

    Question Is this PSU good for this build?

    I am wondering if this PSU (Seasonic S12II-520 520Watts 80+ Bronze) will be good enough for this budget build GPU: HIS RX 580 IceQ X² OC 8GB CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g MOBO: Gigabyte A320M-S2H RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB Single 3000MHZ (I am gonna buy 2 of this because for Philippines it is...
  13. W

    [SOLVED] PC Randomly Restart when play a game

    How to see if my PSU not strong enough to power my PC? Because everytime i play BF5 or Skyrim, it randomly restart, not everytime but most likely everytime play a game, when idle or just browsing it never happen. I was have GTX 1050 2gb and sell it to buy secondhand GTX 1060 3gb, it happen when...
  14. R

    Question Seasonic 850W Titanium psu ticking noise

    Hello, just have a quick question since I can't seem to find anything similar. I just put my rig together roughly about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to go as high end as possible on the PSU to avoid any potential power issues. One thing I've noticed since I've had it, is a very faint ticking noise...
  15. D

    Cpu at 100% usage when playing games!!!! Please helo :'(

    Hello, my cpu is getting to100% even when playing old games like star wars battlfront 2! My rig is- Athlon 64 x2 6000+ 8gb ddr2 ram ASUS R7 240 2gb Low Profile 550w thermaltake psu. This has been happening for a while now, so any help is appreciated! p.s,my ram is weird. 1stick is 2gbs ddr2...
  16. J

    Noob needs help please

    Hi guys, Long time reader first time Poster. Having some issues with some components BAisically a few months ago my PSU blew (stock one that came with case) bought a new one that is plenty powerfull for the pc Before the PSU blew i was having some issues where my pc was switching off under...