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    [SOLVED] Budget psu comparison!

    So I just wanted comapare a few PSU's that are available to me at pretty much the same price and i dnt have the budget for anything else amd these are: Antec High Current Gamer HCG520M 520w 80+ Bronze, Corsair GS600 Model CMPSU-600g and Antec Earth Watts 650w model EA-650 Will pair with an rx...
  2. Question New Hp Envy computer needs power supply changed

    OK so a buddy of mine's computer crashed, he went to best buy and bought a HP Envy with I7-8700, but it did not come with a graphics card. He had just purchased a 1060 and a replacement 550 watt power supply from Best Buy that he put in his old HP. So he figured he could add the 1060 to the new...
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    Question Pc Freezes then wont boot for a while

    Okay so here is the thing. I have this PC for a while it was working perfectly. Suddenly it started freezing and i had to shut it down. Then it wouldnt boot for a while. Here is the list of things i tried and checked: First i thought it was my HDD then i swapped to NVME kingston a2000 ssd. I...
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    Question Antec Earthwatts 430 PSU Keep Tripping Out

    System Specs: Core i5 3470, intel dz77sl-50k motherboard, corsair Vengeance 8gb ram. The power supply trips after powering on for just a few seconds when connected to the motherboard. It runs fine on the paper clip test though. The motherboard does not seem to have any problem as it runs fine on...
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    Question Is it worth to get the 750 wattage power supply for 10 year warranty ?

    I am building a computer system and I calculated the watts my pc will use using those power supply calculators. It shows my usage is around 550 watts and recommended to get a 600w supply. Howwver I am confused as to should I get the Evga G3 650w which is £80 or Evga G3 750w which is £101 or G2...
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    [SOLVED] how much watt to power I3-9100F , RX570 GB

    I Have i3-9100F And RX570 4GB I dont know how much watt to power it
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    Question ACER E5-573G Main Volt. Reg IC Required

    Hi everyone, ACER E-5; the main voltage regulator IC on the motherboard is burnt out, I can not make out the type (PU8 ?), Can someone let me know the component details, and where could I order it from. I am located in South Africa, See picture of IC here, View: https://imgur.com/a/9pHlS3M...
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    Question [Power surge] Energy being stored in the PSU after shutdown?

    Ok so this is my first thread so sorry for any mistakes and for my bad grammar. So I have completed my first build. For PSU I chosen Corsair vs550 550w 80 plus bronze. Last night after playing some games and stuff I shut down my rig, turned off the PSU switch then turned off the ups and finally...
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    [SOLVED] Are Thermaltake and FSP PSU's any good?

    Im basically looking for decent low budget 500-600W PSU and the only decent one's(I think so cuz they're 80+bronze certified) I found are Thermaltake & FSY. My pc specs: I3 7100-MSI Radeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4GB OC-8 gb dd4 corsair value select-ASUS PRIME A320M-E AMD AM4 mobo PSU LINKS-...
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    [SOLVED] UPS matter

    so hi everyone i am currently in need of an UPS due to electrical instability. ive got ryzen 3 with rx570 with silver rated 600w PSU, the thing is i dont know which specs the UPS i need to purchase, will be an APC UPS with 1100va enough? i dont think i can get any higher than that because it is...
  11. Chainsword16

    Question 27 micro fans on one power supply socket.

    Hello, Is it possible to have 27 micro fans connected to your power supply? (Power supply is 680W) (Fans are: 12V @ 0.21A each) I plan to connect them in parallel then using just one 6pin on one of the powersupply sockets.
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    Question 430w is enough? i5 9400f gtx 1660

    Buy the Amazon i5 9400f, GTX 1660 and 2 ram memories of 2666 mhz corsair, my question is if with the EVGA 430W 80 PLUS I have enough for these components that will come Srry my bad english im spanish.. Thanks.
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    [SOLVED] Newly Built Gaming PC- Worked now it doesnt (Motherboard or PSU?)

    So last night my friend who has never built a gaming PC before built one with my help (we live in different states and I was just on Discord walking him through everything), we got it all working on the first try. When I got off last night, he was just downloading all of his games and stuff...
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    [SOLVED] Thinking about upgrading my build

    So atm i have a Antec Sonata III 500 incl psu and a i5 2310 2.9Ghz and a gtx 1050 and 8 gb ram. But i wanted to upgraded all three of them to a i7 3770, sapphire radeon rx 590 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K12KNHG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1) and 16 gb of ram. Now my...
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    [SOLVED] gtx 970 crashing ?

    During games sometimes the screen shuts off i can still hear youtube playing though so not sure if its psu . sometimes after i restart it asks me to shut down and plug in the pcie connectors . I have not yet tried another pci slot but could this be a sign my gpu is just dying or something...
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    Question I purchased a power supply from the EVGA b-stock list, am now having second thoughts as it comes in the mail. Need advice.

    The unit is an 850 watt gold certified semi modular power supply for $70. After speaking with users on the buildapc subreddit they didn't think it was the best choice due to it being refurbished unit with only a 1 year warranty. My system only takes 340 watts so I was gonna get a 550 watt unit...
  17. PerplexedMatt

    [SOLVED] Suspected Bad Power Supply

    Howdy, I have an old build that I haven't used in a couple years. When I tried to turn it on today the mobo screen popped op with weird symbols that kind of looked like encryption. Then it black screened. No ASRock logo, no POST, nothing. Just a black screen. Already did troubleshooting on...
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    Question ASUS PRIME B250-PLUS compatible with RTX 2080TI and CORSAIR RM 1000x

    hi ive got an RTX 2080ti coming soon I don't wanna put it in my PC until I know its safe to do so. so yeah my question is will it be okay in my motherboard from my little skim around my motherboards specs and the 2080ti specs it should be fine, but its always best to check with smarter people on...
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    [SOLVED] Fuses blown, PC won't start anymore

    Hello everyone, There is a small problem I Recently build a pc as a beginning builder, and something went wrong. The pc turned on IF the power supply cable was pushed a little down into the psu. I turned it on and everything ran perfectly for 2/3 minutes, after that it shut off. So I tried to...
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    Question cords too short

    Hi, i bought a power supply 750 w kentek off ebay and the cpu power cord is too short. should i buy a new one?