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  1. Akxtinct

    Question Benq Monitor screen heating issue

    My BenQ GW2883 monitor is getting warm at the bottom horizontal position, specifically over the taskbar, and after a few minutes, black fadeout starts to appear. Is this issue related to the backlight? What could be causing this? Any information regarding this matter would be helpful.
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Is it worth upgrading from gtx 1050 to rx 570?

    And how do i know if it will fit and work on my pc ? Atm i have i5 2400 and a gtx 1050 8gb ram Mobo: Intel Motherboard DP67BG Also what psu is recommended for rx 570? 😩
  3. I

    [SOLVED] Need help with choosing the right motherboard.

    I am planning to build a starter budget PC which must be capable of playing casual games and storing data. I've AMD Athlon 200GE in my mind for the cpu, but I've absolute zero knowledge about motherboards. So kindly help me out for a mbd which could be used for other Ryzen CPUs. Also, an idea...