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  1. Z

    [SOLVED] None Traditional VPN?

    About 6 months ago I connected a router to the internet through PPTP/L2TP, no modem. It stopped working after I saw Cox outside working on something. The way I did this was by connecting my computer to CoxWifi Hotspot network and finding the DNS server in CMD. I put the info in the router using...
  2. Tomatoes

    Is this mobo good for i5 8600K?

    Greetings guys im configuring my pc right now and im looking for a mobo. My budget is extremely tight and hopefully for me a market near my place offers this motherboard for 100 bucks: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z370-A-PRO.html My only question is,will it handle i5 8600k?Im especially...
  3. E

    Will i get better fps if i upgrade to ryzen 5 2600 from a10 9700?

    My system: A10 9700 Gigabyt a320m ds2 4gb hyperxfury x2 (8gb dual channel) Msi gtx 1050 oc I play aion online, its an old game but my gtx 1050 is struggling to get 60 fps at 1080p medium settings. Was wondering maybe getting a strong cpu can help. Hope you guys can help me. Thanks
  4. R

    Best 140mm Fans for Airflow but SILENT!

    Ok so i'm sure there is plenty of threads on here about this already, but i have a bit of a different situation. So I'm in the market for 4, 140mm Case Fans that are Quiet but with good airflow. I'm most likely to run them at 1,000-1,200 rpm depending on noise level. Also they need to be 4-pin...
  5. A

    Switching CPU fan

    Good afternon! I own a pre-built HP pavilion 500 420nc computer and after I switched my CPU to i7 4790, I found out that I need a new CPU cooler as well. Since theres not too much place inside the case, I bought Be quiet pure rock slim and after the cooler came I found out that it uses the...
  6. S

    Computer crashing and GPU fans going to full speed

    Hello! (Sorry in advance about the bad English) I've encountered a problem with my computer that I newly upgraded. I just newly upgraded my CPU, RAM, motherboard and GPU. The problem that I have been having started out with my desktop that started freezing. This happened a lot whatever program...
  7. A

    Good PC with 4 Tb hard drive for day to day computing

    I want to upgrade my computer and want to have a 4tb hard drive storage in it. Now I have a 1 TB hard drive with amd sempron processor and asus amn2 motherboard and 2 gb Ram can a 4th hard drive work flawlessly with it too or that would be too much to ask from it? Larger storage must be...
  8. G

    Gigabyte Updates Aero 14 Laptop With Thunderbolt 3, GTX 1050 Ti

    Gigabyte announced a new version of its Aero 14 laptop intended to help differentiate it from its big brother, the Aero 15. Gigabyte Updates Aero 14 Laptop With Thunderbolt 3, GTX 1050 Ti : Read more
  9. T

    Zotac gtx 1060 amp edition (6GB)

    Just curios how the Zotac gtx 1060 amp edition performs in comparison to the other GTX 1060 with a 6-pin head connector ( i only have a 6 pin) such as the Founder's Edition and the EVGA.
  10. D

    cooler fans connection problem

    I am planing to build a cpu with MSi h110m pro vh motherboard.which has one CPU FAN HEADER and one SYS - FAN HEADER.Now in order to connect 2-3 4pin fans what is the best sol. whether i should buy a 4pin female to 4pin male splitter ,or i should buy a hub.and will i be can be to control the...
  11. Iver Hicarte

    Is 16GB of RAM ENOUGH for Gaming and EDITING???

    as you can see in the title, is 16gb of memory enough for GAMING AND EDITING or should I upgrade to 32gb just to be sure???? (pls. note that I will run my ram sticks in quad channel)
  12. P

    I want to build a custom server tower or server setup to run game servers. (Minecraft,Tf2,Etc)

    So, I want to start a buisness with a server in minecraft or something, It may be profitable over time. Ive seen people on youtube with server towers and they run game servers off that. What would you recommend I have for a budget and a parts list, for example for a minecraft server with 100...
  13. D

    From T8700 to QX Extreme 9300

    Hello guys , I was hoping whether I can upgrade my cpu. The current is pretty old and ready to retire
  14. J

    Windows 7 over windows *

    I acquired an HP A900 running a corrupt vista. I loaded windows 8 on it. Microsoft informs me that my pass key is being used. I have restore disk. with windows 7 which I would rather run anyway. How can I load it on the laptop?
  15. N

    Cheap build for Photoshop/Design work

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a build that can run software Adobe products and handle a Wacom tablet. I was thinking of doing without a monitor and using my tv to help lower costs. I have a mouse. Just a basic tower PC I can place next to my tv but stable enough to run...
  16. D

    Do i need both x86 and x64 microsoft visual c++ redistributable?

    i was unstalling some games with "uninstall or change a program and i saw that i had a lot of mv c++ redistributables and some are x86. do i need to keep those if i got a x64 windows? http://gyazo.com/c0caf587705a623103ff68e77f79e8c7
  17. shishiou

    Ideal power supply?

    Just wondering if this power supply would be ideal for my build. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438026 Part list here: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/shishiou/saved/9CJBD3
  18. SHA991

    Best open-world games with some good graphics, NEED HELP GUYS please!

    Hello guys, can you please tell some good SANDBOX or OPEN-WORLD games. Guys please don't include GTA games, Skyrim and Minecraft too. Because guys i've finished far cry 3 and sleeping dogs. and now i'm really looking for more open-world games. and i'll be thankful if you guys tell me about some...
  19. D

    Xbox 360 wired controller. Working one minute then not the next

    Have had Xbox 360 for a year. With a wired controller... The controller just stopped working so thought must of been a broken wire in cable.. Have borrowed a friends wired controller which works on their xbox 360 and it is working one minute and can move around. The next nothing will press and...
  20. R

    Buy GTX 760 now or wait for price drop

    It's finally time to upgrade my old HD 5850 1GB, after 5 years of service. Since my i7 920 would be a bottleneck to high end graphic cards and I don't want to overclock it, I figured GTX 760 2gb would be the best NVIDIA option. My question is, should I get it now for ~230€ (cheapest I could...
  21. T

    Want to wipe my C drive, but it contains my OS?

    I'll say this as briefly as I can! PC has a lot of junk on it now, including some viruses and malware that won't go away. I want to completely wipe it. I've moved everything I want to keep to my D drive, where I keep all my games and my steam folder. I thought if I go ahead and just format the C...
  22. D

    Writing delay error. pc unusably slow

    Hi. My pc suddenly became so slow its practically impossible to do anything. Im getting random writing delay errors that say that some data has been lost. Event viewer also shows a lot of warnings and errors relating to the harddisk(paging operation, controller error). Here is one I managed to...
  23. K

    HP all-in-one scanner drivers stop working

    Every time I reboot my computer (XP Home, older system), my HP 2610 All-In-One scanner stops working. The little screen tells me "You need to install or run HP software for this feature." I actually have to uninstall first, since the driver install .exe file recognizes that there's already a set...
  24. A

    My computer won\'t turn off, it only restarts

    hi my name is abhi, the problem is that whenever i turn off my computer the computer does not turn off but at the end when the computer has to turn off ,a blue screen appears for a fraction of a second and the computer restarts. if possible could you please rply the exact answer at my...
  25. L

    Screen dimmer / brightness reducer

    I'm wondering if there is software that allows you to manually and quickly reduce the brightness of your monitor. I understand that I could manually reduce brightness with the physical keys -- but that takes far too long with the menus and sub-menus on my monitor (Samsung 2333sw). I also...
  26. G

    Thoshiba satelite c660-A045 drivers for windows-7 free download

    how to download
  27. R

    Failed to get authenticated using Windows XP, PPPoE.

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?) Hi, Could someone assist in diagnosing this problem? The story goes like this: A certificate which is about 1700 bytes in size had to tranverse through the link so that the user could be authenticated by the server...
  28. K

    Acheter vpn one card

  29. V

    How much Vram used for BF3 5760x1080p ultra 60ppl game ?

    Topic I want to know how much Vram your using to run battlefield 3 in a 60player game on ultra quality on a 3 monitor set-up 5760x 1080p ?
  30. V

    How to copy every single file I select (read more)

    Hi all! I was trying this: I have a disk 80gb, 34 only used, I connected it as slave, and the master was a 40gb. Both have Xp os. The 80gb is that i work on, but i want to copy ALL the contents (about 34gb) of the 80gb drive to the master one. As I was simply copy-paste, after the copy, I...
  31. G

    Mouse get crazy

    Hello, my lap top computer mouse gets crazy. what i have to do to fix it
  32. R

    How to restore acer aspire 5336 to factory settings

    :bounce: reset? what do i do?
  33. Omis

    Removing Avira Antivirus Pop-up

    I wanted to disable the pop-ups for Avira AV so I searched the internet and saw THIS. Two questions: 1. I first followed the steps but since I was in a hurry, I made a mistake and followed the one for Windows 2000 / Windows XP Pro. I tried to delete them but can't remove everything. It says...
  34. G

    setting default email program

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.configuration_manage (More info?) Hi! I have a problem with setting OE6 as my default email program in IE after I installed Office 97. Since I really wanted to use OE6, I uninstalled Outlook. Now my OE6 works okay with my dial-up internet...
  35. G

    CMI8x38 audio driver free download

    Hello, can you help
  36. G

    Where buffering of video in xp store as temproary file

    Hello,where buffering of video in xp store as temproary file
  37. S

    Gateway e series drivers

    Hello, how could i find drivers to install in my Gateway system
  38. ggbroughton

    Changing System Font

    hello, is there a SAFE way of changing my system font because i want my OS to look more customised than it already is. i really don't know what to do since when i look at other forums i find that you have to change the registry and sometimes the computer doesn't like it and i don't want to...
  39. kep55

    Win XP Pro Encryption - Any good?

    I'm here in Tanzania helping out a local Church. They have several freestanding WinXP Pro pcs connecting to the internet with a wireless D-Link router. Currently, they only have a sneaker net in place.The D-Link was set up by a local computer vendor so I don't know what level of security is...
  40. I

    Dell webcam drivers for dell inspiron n5030 for windows 7 download

    Me pueden pasar por favor el driver para webcam para dell inspiron N5030.