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  1. pegasuslatte

    [SOLVED] Trouble trying to revive an old pre-built with Puppy Linux ?

    As the title suggest, I'm having trouble trying to revive an old pre-built with Puppy Linux. The aforementioned pre-built is an Acer Aspire X3200 with the following specifications: Athlon II X2 4400+ 1.5Gb DDR2 No storage Nvidia GeForce 8200 See the idea is that this would be a media PC in the...
  2. T

    Question Can't get further than Bios

    I recently picked up a broken Hyrican prebuilt for free, hoping to fix it up, or salvage parts from it. Specs are as follows: Mobo: H110M PRO-D Cpu: i7 7700 Gpu: gtx 1060 6gb(working) It came with a dead Drive, so i installed win10 on an old HDD, but could not get past the bios, same with an...
  3. L

    Question A system to run 4-6 virtual machine at ones with a game being run in it and being stream out all happening at the same time.

    I'm looking to take a server like this one: and turn it into a desktop but still can use the resource and it as a server managing multiple virtual machine through the os. Things i like to be inform on: Every video I see it seem...
  4. O

    Question Form factor of a hp compaq elite 8100 sff motherboard?

    I need to find out the form factor of a hp compaq elite 8100 small form factor desktop pc motherboard.
  5. AlexanderRVZ

    [SOLVED] New pc for games like rust help

    Now I’m not to sure if this is the correct forum or not but I have a 7+ year old computer. I don’t know anything about computers whatsoever so I really don’t want to build one. I’ve done some research but most of it is stuff I’m to stupid to understand. I’d rather buy a prebuilt one. Now I know...
  6. Ghostimo

    [SOLVED] Upgrading prebuilt pc

    So I have a medion pre-built pc with a Intel i5-6402p Rx460 2 8 gb ram 120 gb ssd 1 tb hdd 350w supply And I just got a vega 56 of a family member. I know I will have to change the psu if I want to have the card but how much watt do I have to get and what other things do you recommend on...
  7. F

    [SOLVED] Need help to determine issue in my pc!

    Hey everybody, Just 2 days ago my PC turned off randomly and wouldn’t turn back on. I checked the back of the psu and the green light was blinking. I purchased a new psu assuming the psu died, but after installing the psu, the pc still wouldn’t turn on. I tried the following methods already to...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] Suggestions for a new motherboard (prebuilt pc)

    Hey everybody, Recently my prebuilt pc (HP Envy 700-414) randomly shutoff and wouldn’t power on even with a new psu. I discovered through numerous testing that its most likely an issue with the motherboard. So my question today is: any reccomendations for a decent, moderate priced motherboard...
  9. Todd Littleton

    Question Need friendly people to help guide me to my future PC :)

    Hello, and thank you if you clicked this link! my friend recently pointed me towards this site as I'm currently looking for a pre-made build and was told this community is just full of nice and very PC knowledgeable people. My problem is researching for a decent gaming PC is hard as most reviews...