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    Build Advice Need help making a build or finding a prebuilt.

    Hi, I've been looking to upgrade my 8 year old PC for some time now, but I am not the best with this stuff. If anyone had some suggestions on a nice prebuilt. I say this mainly cause of the inflated prices on vid cards. Or would like to help me with a build I'd be very grateful. My budget is...
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    Question Looking for suggestions on buying a Prebuild that is upgradeable.

    Hello, I usually build my gaming PCs but have been using my last build for a few years now. I considered just upgrading parts but multiple components are starting to fail, the biggest issue being my graphics card fails anytime I play a semi new game with decent graphics. I intended to build a...
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    [SOLVED] Best prebuilt gaming pc for $1500?

    Hello, first off, thank you for your time and help, I really appreciate it. So, I do not have any confidence in myself when it comes to building a gaming pc. I figured it would be better for myself to buy one of these prebuilt. I guess I'm just fishing for opinions but I figured that they have a...
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    [SOLVED] Better to buy a prebuild spec out or buy a pre-built and upgrade from there

    Due to living arrangement I have, my beefy old pc has to stay in storage for a bit. And lately I've been wanting to pc gaming and my 4 year gaming laptop, while functional, is just not worth the heat or sound to play on. For time sake, I just want to buy a pre-built pc. But don't know if its...
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    [SOLVED] What to Buy?

    Hello everyone on the forum, I have a question for all of the NVIDIA crowds out there. I am looking into getting a new graphics card for my gaming PC I built earlier this year. I need to know how the experience has been with Ray-Tracing. I'm looking at getting an RTX 2060 or 2060 SUPER or even...
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    Question Upgrading GPU

    I'm pretty new to PC building and upgrading, which is why I have a prebuilt, but it has an AMD Radeon RX 560 (a smaller sized one not like a large one) and I was wondering how hard it'd be to upgrade it to an AMD RX 580 or some other better AMD Radeon GPU around the $300 price range.