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  1. N

    Trying to upgrade GUA2600BST prebuilt piece by piece, new RAM won't work

    Hi, I have a GUA2600BST prebuilt from CyberPowerPC (from a couple years ago and I didn't buy it myself) and I'm looking to upgrade it over the next year (part by part to manage my budget). The first thing I wanted to do was upgrade from 8 GB of RAM to 32 GB. I purchased 4 of the following RAM...
  2. fpaczko5

    [SOLVED] What Should I Upgrade On My Prebuilt PC For Streaming

    I stream games like fortnite, call of duty modern warfare, as well as less intense games like Among Us. While streaming games like Among Us and Minecraft, my pc can stream at 60 FPS 720p with stream labs and Spotify open no problem. However when I stream a game like COD Warzone, my Spotify is...
  3. JackTast

    Question Best Pre Built Gaming PC'S With A Budget Of $1500?

    What are your recommended pre built gaming pc's with the budget of 1500 dollars. What are their pros and cons? Thank you, Jack Tast
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Is this a good choice for my first PC?

    I'm not a hardcore gamer or anything, just some games on steam. These specs seem really good for the price, but I've read that CyberPowerPC has cheap parts. Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] Can somone help me find a good prebuilt PC for around 1500 - 1900 dollars?

    I want to be able to play the newest games at high settings with good framerates. I also want the PC to last several years. Some alternatives I've found are: