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    [SOLVED] CPU has strange overheating issues

    Hi, I have a Predator Triton 300 with an i7 10th gen and an rtx 2070. When idle, the CPU sits at around 50-60 and sometimes goes up to 80 but then right back down. But when gaming, the CPU goes up to 90 degrees and sits there, even with only 10-17% CPU usage. The GPU stays at around 60-70...
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    [SOLVED] 100hz vs 180hz

    I have a Alienware AW3418DW. And I recently have been thinking about upgrading it. And stumble upon a Acer Predator monitor at my local micro center this model here: Acer Predator X34 GSbmiipphuzx 34" QHD 180Hz...
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    Question Can a graphics card affect the hz of a high hz gaming monitor (144hz, etc.)?

    I recently got a new gaming monitor in which the hz would drop to levels of around ~70 at times while playing games. The monitor has G-Sync built in (not the compatible version) and my graphics card can be seen here. From searching online, it seems that everyone points to the idea that the...
  4. BahamianRhapsody

    [SOLVED] Possible upgrades for acer predator g3?

    Having issues running NMS on my computer without having regular lag spikes. I’ve upgraded to a larger SSD but wondering what all I could upgrade, or do over time? Current specs are : Intel I-75 7400 @3.00ghz 12gb ram (64 max?) Gtx 1060 3gb What would fit current MOBO, or would be a decent...
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    Question Was cleaning my pc with a electric blower now its not posting (Monitor not displaying)

    Hey, Really need your help I have had this pc over 2 years or more now 2 days ago I ended up cleaning my pc with an electric blower removed my graphic card and ram first before doing so but now my PC will not give a display to my monitor and yes I'm 100% sure the monitor is perfectly fine. Here...
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    Question ACER PREDATOR XB273KP RGB Light Sense not working

    Hello, I got this godly monitor Acer Predator XB273KP and it's working like a charm, but when I try to start RGP Light Sense, it tells me that my device is not supported. I've contacted ACER, they wanted me to send them the monitor for testing, which at this point is not an option. Any tips?
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    Question How do i stop my laptop cpu from reaching 95 degrees?

    I have an acer predator helios 300 1050ti 4gb i5 8th gen 8 gb ram 128 gb ssd and every time i turn my laptop on and start playing any games or have more than 8 tabs on chrome open my temperature of cpu starts rising up gradually after 30 mins of stable temps and keeps rising to reach upto 90 and...
  8. Lord_beerus

    [SOLVED] power limit throttling

    hey guys, I've been getting power limit and thermal throttling at the same time even after undervolting and the CPU temperature is well above 90C all the time. I did repasting too, but it did not help at all.
  9. A

    [SOLVED] 2 Different brand models

    So hello my brother bought 2x4 gb ddr4 hyperx predator 3000mhz ram and i cant find anywhere same kit for quad channel.My question is if i put 2x4 hyperx fury 3000mhz and make a quad channel with the predator have any problem on the system?
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    Question Integrated Intel Graphics is constantly interfering with Nvidia Graphics: I have had enough of this!!

    I have an Acer Predator laptop with two inbuilt graphics cards - Intel HD Graphics 530 & Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M I have had this laptop for 4 years. I have played a lot of games on this laptop in the past with no problems. In the last two years, a lot of my games have started opening up to...
  11. B

    Question Computer refuses to boot any device

    A friend of mine brought in his PC because it won't boot says no bootable device found. I looked around and tried a few things and I cannot get it to boot to any bootable device. I tried using a known good SSD with windows, still says no bootable device found. I've tried windows install disk...
  12. V

    Question Acer Predator Z301C Monitor

    I have just purchased a 2nd hand Z301 monitor and it looks fantastic. BUT, I have a problem. When I go into the OSD I find that the Language is set to BRAZILIAN. and I can't change it to anything else except a Chinese looking language (other languages seem to be available, but are all...
  13. Skydaz

    Question Game Stuttering Suddenly

    My Specs : Acer Predator Helios 300 2018 model windows 10 i5 8300h GTX 1060 6GB 8gb ddr4 2666mhz Dual Channel {4*2} SSD 120BG 1TB HDD All storage comes from manufacturer* Hello, currently im encountering Stuttering while playing games. This is so bad because whenever a sudden movement such as...
  14. G

    [SOLVED] Fair price to sell system

    I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to selling computers, but I want to sell my Acer Predator G3610. I've seen people with the same and equal systems play things like GTA, LoL, Overwatch, CS and Fortnite with relatively good FPS. Just to be clear, I am selling it as a "Computer for...
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    Question Why does one ram run at 3200mhz and the other 2933?

    In Bios it shows one ram running at the rated 3200mhz but the other is 2933mhz. I haven't messed around with any of the bios yet because I dont want to mess anything up. Any information on how to get the ram running at 3200mhz? MSI B350 Tomohawk AMD RYZEN 5 1600 Kingston HyperX Predator (2x8gb)...
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    Question Acer predato helios 300 - shutting down at low gpu temp

    Hello my name is Erik and I have a problem with my laptop. It is shutting down at very low temp around 65 what is from what I know very low temperature under high load. It is always at max 67degrees in games like Verdun, Wow, Sekiro etc. Dont know what to try next becase it doesnt seem to be...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Undervolt lowered my frame rate.

    I recently bought an Acer predator Helios 300 2019 and decided to undervolt it. I knew it was already undervolted, but I wanted to improve the performance even more. So I undervolted it to -0.165 mv in XTU. But after rebooting, i noticed that the undervolt is gone every time I restarted. But...
  18. baniDJ

    Which gaming laptop for this price?

    So, I was thinking of buying a gaming laptop under 1500 USD, and I don't know which one to pick so I need a third opinion to help me. I came across a Refurbished Acer Triton 500, with i7 8750H and RTX 2060, 16 GB RAM for 1499$ and also a brand new Acer Helios 300 with i7 9750H with 1660 Ti for...
  19. D

    Question Acer predator xb321hk buttons stopped working

    So, I just bought new monitor (Acer predator xb321hk). Hooked everything up and turned it on. Started looking into it's setting and suddenly 3 buttons stopped working. Tryed pressing first and last button and turning something off (I read it on google) but it didn't helped. I will probably go...
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    [SOLVED] Enabling docp profile for ram clock

    Hi guys, i want to overclock my ram,and i was wondering can i just go to bios>ai tweaker>select docp and then enable docp 3000mhz? Can i enable the first docp profile(3000mhz) or i should enable second which is 2667mhz? Do i need to run any kind of memory test, and if yes, which one(free if...
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    Question How long before a newly released laptop is available refurbished?

    So I have my eyes set on the 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300 (1660 Ti model). I need to have the laptop before the school year starts (mid August) and would prefer to save a couple hundred by getting it refurbished. It was announced at Acer's show a couple months ago, and started selling at the...
  22. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] FSP 500w 80+ Gold good enough

    Originally from an acer predator g3 605. Was wondering if the 500w 80plus gold power supply would be enough to handle: i5 8400 rtx 2060 16gb ram image of my psu :
  23. A

    Question Nvme SSD Compatibility

    So the new Samsung evo 970 plus m2 nvme dropped ,And i need to know if its compatible with my laptop ,(Or any Nvme for that matter ),Here is the info: -Laptop : Acer Predator 15 G9 592 6th gen Processor. -bios Version : 1.08 . -Windows Ver : Windows 10 Home 64 bit 10.0 built 17134. I used...
  24. H

    Question EVGA gtx 1060 rom problem

    I have a faulty EVGA gtx 1060 6gb which makes the screen green and flashing shortly after installing drivers, and I am attempting to fix it with a bios flash, the tutorial I am using is this one: View: However, when I get to the part where...
  25. K

    Question I5-4670 temperature

    Hey everyone! I have a question, I have i5-4670 cpu and at it's full usage (95-100%) cpu's temperature is around 68-70C. Isn't it too high? I'm using stock cooler by the way. Also my idle temp is around 55-60C Thanks in advance for your answers!
  26. Question [Mac OSX Sierra] Cannot Remove or Enlarge First Partition

    Is there a way to enlarge or remove the first partition "SPARE" on my HD? I'd like to merge it with my OS partition and DiskUtil (whether in OS or Recovery Mode) doesn't allow me to delete it. I thought I could enlarge it, then use CCC to copy the OS to the currently empty partition, then delete...
  27. B

    Question Can't disable onboard graphics.

    I have an old HP 6300, and i got a gt 1030 for it. I installed the card and it doesen't have an output. The machine runs in the background, it even plays the windows startup sound. I have the newest bios installed, tried the card in another system and it worked. Cable is good and drivers...
  28. J

    Question Adding an SSD to a HP x360 Stream 11-ag102tu

    Hi I currently have a HP x360 stream 11-ag102tu. It's only storage is a 32gb emmc which I felt was pretty small so I checked if I could expand it. When I looked at the service manual I saw that there was room for a 2.5" sata drive which I confirmed by opening up the laptop. I bought the ZIF...
  29. T

    Question missing nvidia control panel

    So I have recently purchased an rtx 2070 and everything is now up to date and now my nvidia control panel is completely gone and nowhere to be found. I have tried every method to fixing this I have even reset my pc a few times. I would love to get some help on this.
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    Question Hiya,i allready have windows 10 on my HDD.

    How can i run my Windows 10 on my HD with new PC build ,MB,etc? thankyou in advance.I really dont want to have to pay for a new copy.
  31. S

    [SOLVED] Anyone know any good micro atx cases?

    I'm just looking for micro atx cases that will support bulky coolers such as the dark rock pro 4 or the noctua nh-15, multiple reccomendations would be nice as I like variety. I really need a case that has excellent airflow, i dont need a case for RGB or tempered glass.
  32. M

    Question Adata XPG Z1 16GB 3200MHz with msi x370

    Is Adata XPG Z1 3200 compatible with Ryzen 2700x on MSI x370 Gaming Plus? I didn't find it on the QVL of mobo, but found it on AMD site
  33. A

    Canon laserbase mf3240 driver issues

    Hello, So i got canon laserbase mf3240 , but i cannot find any drivers that works on windows 10 pro. The drivers that I got working only shows it as a scanner but not as a printer. Has anyone got some clue how to get it work properly?
  34. F

    [SOLVED] Are my motherboards fried?

    Hey, so I have an i5 3570k's and an i7 3770k. I have 3 LGA1155 boards. While installing a liquid cooler on the 3770k I accidentally slipped and bent the corner of the cpu. I thought i could simply bend it back in place and it still place in into the motherboard. Unfortunately, when turning the...
  35. B

    [SOLVED] 970 EVO or 970 EVO PLUS for OS?

    Hello all! I am currently finishing up my system for 2019 around an overclocked i9 9900k. Should I do: 970 EVO PLUS 250GB - OS (Windows 10) 970 EVO 250GB - Progressing project files and media WD Blue SSD 500GB - Media, resources, ... Seagate Barracuda HDD 3TB 7200rpm - Archived projects...
  36. N

    What else can I use on my 8pin main motherboard power connector?

    I want to buy new psu for my graphics card and I noticed that my mobo dont have a 24pin connector, it has a 8pin only. What else can i use for this mobo to power up? the mobo is 8k0x7 As you can see, the #25 is the connector for the whole motherboard to power.
  37. B

    [SOLVED] Core i5 3570 from ali express

    Hey guys , can you or recommend me if i buy this one from ali express , safe? LBP 86,907 | intel i5 3570 Processor Quad-Core 3.4Ghz L3 And what motherboard support this one Thank you
  38. W

    How to wire one svc 8 ohms and a dvc 2 ohms together

    Two tens trying to see 4 ohms load or 2 ohms load
  39. M

    [SOLVED] How can i remove micro scratches from phone screen

    i got a few scratches on my phone and i do believe it has Gorilla glass 3 the scratches aren't any deep really and nothing would catch on them but they're visible so.. will these liquid glass screen protectors get rid of those scratches? (btw i'm not a fan of tempered glass or film screen...
  40. J

    Is it possible that this is a gt 1030?

    Imgur graphic card link I'm trying to buy a used gt 1030, the seller affirms this is a 1030, but I can't find one that looks like his graphic card (besides gt610 or 730). The ones I find online don´t have a vga port and seem a little longer. Is it possible this is a special request from a pc...