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  1. D

    Question GPU upgrade for video editing

    MoBo: MSI X299 Tomahawk AC CPU: Intel i7-7800X RAM: 32GB (4x8GB DDR4-3200 Trident Gskill) GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 3GB Storage: SSD 500 Gb for software | SSD nvm 1tb for footage and files We all know Adobe sucks, I'm sick of GPU failures. Since CUDA tech is being more implemented in Adobe Premiere...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Intel i7-9700K vs 3900x for Premiere Pro

    I am looking to build a new PC for video editing, photo editing, and light gaming. I was about to go with the R9 3900x, until I saw this page from Puget Systems comparing premiere pro performance with 9th gen intel and Ryzen 3rd gen...
  3. K

    Question Premiere Pro & Dota hang when open at the same time

    I have a Lenovo Legion Y520 with 16gb Ram. However, when I keep my Dota and Premiere pro open at the same time, at some point, especially when I'm editing video, my screen will flash and stay hanged for a while, then went back to normal. After which, my video display on premiere pro will go...
  4. Saidrafly

    Question Please reccomend me best app for video editing (minimal lag & run smoothly) that match with my laptop specification

    my device is ASUS A409FJ with core i5 8265U, 8gb ram+500gb SSD & with mx230 gpu. I tried using premiere and it got so much lag whenever i edit 1080p footage. It drive me crazy because i need to render first before start a playback. I tried filmora 9, its amazingly fast and smooth, but i can't do...
  5. Tanjinur rahman

    Question High usage ram while using premiere pro

    So my pc config is Ryzen 3 2200g, 8GB ram, B450 steel legend asrock. So premiere pro starts perfectly and work perfectly. Also i used few days ago all was good. Suddenly while preview 4K video in premiere pro in a new sequence my ram just get 30% to 99% in 1second. And whole pc just stop...
  6. C

    Question BSOD while editing in Premiere Pro - Windows 10

    Motherboard: MSI Bazooka B450M CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (Water Cooled) RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 3200Mhz (F4-3200C16D-32GTZR) GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Audio: Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface Storage: 250GB Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus (Windows 10 + Apps) 500GB Samsung SSD...
  7. S

    Question Looking for a game that runs 500fps + on a middle spec gaming pc

    Hey! I'm testing out the frame blend feature on premiere and I'm wondering if there are any games that run 500 fps + on PC that I can record and use. Thanks!
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Best computer build for video editing? $5000 budget

    What's a good build for editing? Spent around $2000 on my last computer and it's just not cutting it anymore. Once I start adding effects it's impossible to play the timeline smoothly. My current specs are: i7-7700K 32 GB ram GTX 1080ti graphics card 480GB SSD I do a lot of heavy duty visual...
  9. J

    Advice on CPU upgrading

    Hi all! Would love some thoughts from everyone. I've been gradually doing more and more upgrading of my PC but I'm still pretty new. I'm into the big stuff now, and think I need to up my CPU. Currently I run an AMD A8-6600K, which is the stock CPU it came with that's showing its age. My...
  10. P

    Few questions about Overclocking the 8700k.

    Hi. I have a new build with an 8700k, Maximus X Code mobo and 16GB 3200RAM and an h115i plat cooler. I have a few questions about my OC please. Currently, I have it at 5GHz synced on all cores and voltage at 1.23V. I've tested it with many programs and it's stable. Should I try to raise the...
  11. E

    Upgrade Graphics Card

    I recently found an old computer of mine - A Dell Optiplex 990 and I was wondering if I could replace the graphics card (IntelHD Graphics) with a GTX 1050 ti. It currently has 8GB of ram, an i5-2400 CPU. If it is possible would I go with low profile or not? Thanks.
  12. J

    Macbook bricked completely

    Was trying to update to the latest version of OS Sierra (10.12.6) and Mac suddenly shut down. It gives me question mark on a file when trying to boot. Power and then command - opt - R gives nothing, the same question mark. Power and then command gives mouse cursor only. What to do next?
  13. N

    WAN Network Devices and Windows 10.

    I built a computer roughly a year ago and used the Netgear AC130 wireless adapter, which is a USB 3.0 wireless "card" with a cable and hub. For several months this worked fine until I started getting network timeouts constantly. Assuming it was the card using a generic driver, I bought another...
  14. F

    Can it handle

    Hi, i am planning on buying a Intel Core i7-7700 and i am wondering if my motherboard and my power supply can handle it? my motherboard is (Manufacturer=ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. and Model=B85M-G (SOCKET 1150) my power supply is CS750M from corsair 750W!
  15. I

    Functioning GPU not working in functioning computer

    I'm putting together a SFF used computer for a friend, and I managed to get a used GTX 745 for a pretty cheap price. The computer I'm putting it in had a GT 210 with which it works perfectly, but is insufficient for her needs. (The comp is a Lenovo m90 with a i3-540). The GTX 745 I got works...
  16. B

    GTX 970 vs RX 480

    Hello, guys! I am building my first PC build and now I am up to choose my GPU. I have been looking for GTX 970 all the time, but then the RX 480 (feeling sketch about AMD, anyway :/) came out. What GPU do you recommend for me? I will playing CS:GO, BF3/4. Thanks!
  17. eldiablocsaba

    Every version of AMD display driver causing black screen -heelp- :I

    Hello everyone, I've been looking through all discussions here on this matter, and created an account so that I can ask for you assistance directly. My problem is, that right after an AMD driver gets installed (driver only) or I try to boot up in normal mode -- the screen goes no signal, and all...
  18. A

    Value of specific and old system

    Hi all, I've avoided classifieds since I have no intention of selling this machine on the internet, but I figured a ton of people know more about market value for old parts then I do so here goes... Parts for my new rig are getting here tomorrow and I want to get rid of my current machine...