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  1. Z

    Question What is the best budget used laptop? [UK]

    My budget is £300. £350 max if the extra cost is worth it. I'm going to use the laptop for university and music production. I've built my own PC before so I can happily upgrade the laptop if necessary. If you didn't see it in the title, I am looking for a laptop in the second hand market as...
  2. Jamo1223

    [SOLVED] Zotac 650 tsi Destroyer Drivers?

    I bought a Zotac 650 tsi Destroyer (1gb). The problem is that when its all in, the screen says no signal even when I use inter grated graphics. It only works with it the graphics card not in there. The blades spin so the hardware part of it works. It didnt come with a disk since its pre owned...
  3. G

    Pc overheat shutdown

    My PC freezes and makes a buzzing sound(if i have a sound running in the background when it crashes) or shows a blue screen of death when i play a game for over an hour,sometimes it's more. it's overheating and i have cleaned the fans also reapplied thermal paste but nothing seems to work. Fans...