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  1. kn10125

    [SOLVED] Preparing Automatic Repair leads to a black screen.

    I've booted my ASUS desktop few days ago and I was greeted with the "Preparing Automatic Repair". I decided to wait for like 10-15 mins for it to process and it ended up in a black screen with my mouse and keyboard's LEDS lighting up(No cursor). I keep my graphics card driver up to date...
  2. mustcan

    How to overclock

    Hello, Can you Help me i want to overclock Ram Whats the best suit Mhz tht my mobo support? And what timings shoud i choose n also the voltage Here is my pc Specs -- Amd A6 7400K ECS A58F2P-M4 Ram 8GB venom RX 1600Mhz Hdd Wd green 500Gb Gtx 1050 2gb ddr5 --- Thanks kmcP
  3. M

    LOL high ping

    Hi I have a win 10 with good specs (run LOL at 140 fps)also i have 2 mb internet speed with 1 network only connected to my computer and i turn off wifi when playing.From that i get about 100 ms ping ,but lately the ping started to raise suddenly to 360 ms at random times.When i res the modem the...